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‘The Predator’ Alternate Ending Included ‘Alien’s Ripley

by Michael Carpenter

Going into 2018, I was excited for The Predator. I enjoyed all three prior Predator movies, and am also a fan of director Shane Black. Unfortunately though, the movie wasn’t exactly amazing, although it wasn’t awful either.

One of the coolest aspects about the Predator franchise as a whole is its canon connection to Alien, Fox’s other legendary sci-fi/horror property. Whatever one thinks of the two AVP movies, the idea is certainly cool.

Heading toward The Predator’s fall 2018 release, it became well known that the film underwent extensive reshoots. Now, it turns out that a scene removed from the final cut might have ended things quite differently.

As revealed on Instagram by SFX artist Yuri Everson, The Predator shot three different endings, and one of the unused ones saw a surprise appearance at the end by none other than Alien protagonist Ellen Ripley.


While Ripley wasn’t played in the ending by Sigourney Weaver – she’s seen under a mask – her last name is visible on the “Predator Killer” suit that ultimately ends up being given to Boyd Holbrook’s character in the final cut.

Of course, timeline-wise, it would make zero sense for Ripley to appear in The Predator, as it takes place over 100 years prior to 1979’s Alien. Ripley wouldn’t be alive yet, unless time travel was somehow involved.

The Ripley inside the suit could also conceivably be an ancestor of Ellen’s, but considering Everson specifically points out that Weaver didn’t play the role, it really does seem like her character was supposed to be included.

One wonders if someone pointing out that glaring time discrepancy is what ultimately led the ending with Ripley to be removed. Hopefully not, as one would hope the screenwriters would’ve caught something like that earlier.