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The Leatherface Gender-Swapped Anime Collectible is Finally Here

by Timothy Rawles

The Kotobukiya toy company is adding Leatherface to its collection of gender-swapped vinyl horror figurines. Their Bishoujo menagerie tends to “skirt” the line between horror and anime.

Pennywise and Beetlejuice are also included in the series along with My Little Pony and Marvel heroines.

The company description for the Leatherface figure goes something like this: “The statue completely redesigns the killer Leatherface as a female in a very skimpy outfit. She will be carrying a bloody chainsaw and she will also be covered in blood too. It looks like as an added bonus, collectors will be also getting a removable skin mask accessory for her. This adds a whole new terrifying ingredient to this horror statue and any Leatherface and Texas Chainsaw Massacre fan will love to add this piece to their collection.”

In what can only be described as a unique series, these dolls are extremely detailed, “even if it shows the curves you never wanted to see of Leatherface.” Prepare to be conflicted.

Product details according to Kotobukiya include:

A human skin masked face part is also included, allowing you to recreateLeatherface as close to the original form as possible. And: Quiet madness is now at your fingertips. 

These pieces are not cheap, the Leatherface one alone is $129.00 pre-ordered.


Pre-orders are also being accepted for Pennywise and Beetlejuice.

Other horror Bishoujo statues include Jason, Freddy, and Chucky.

Tiffany from Child’s Play

Jason from the Friday the 13th series

Jason from the Friday the 13th series

Source: Bleeding Cool

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