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‘The Head’: New Horror Film From The Middle Ages

by Timothy Rawles

There is a new horror movie called “The Head” in production that you’ll want to keep your eyes on, and it comes from a director who has always had a bleeding heart for horror.

“The Head” is described as a “Medievel horror movie.”

Jordan Downey's "The Head" is currently in production.

The plot is goes this way:

“A barbarian monster hunter of the Middle Ages is haunted by a decapitated head when one of his slayings returns to life.”

The film’s director, Jordan Downey has come a very long way since his low-budget debut film, now cult classic “ThanksKilling.”

That film was a collection of his adoration for the genre. In it, he references everything from Freddy Krueger to Leatherface.

He holds a figurative PhD in horror.

in 2014, Jordan also took on one of his favorite horror series of the 80’s, creating a sequel of sorts in “Critters: Bounty Hunter,” a high budget-looking suspenseful addition to the Critters universe.

If you haven’t seen it, take a look it’s magnificent.

Although his budgets may be a little bigger now, Jordan’s style is to take what he has and create something that looks twice as expensive.

Taking on a period piece will probably put his wallet to task, but in the long run the dollar signs and tech genius will undoubtedly be visible on screen.

iHorror will update you as we learn more about the production to “The Head.”

“The Head” is directed by Jordan Downey and stars Christopher Rygh.

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