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Terror Tales Debuts ‘FACETIME’ Today on YouTube!

by Waylon Jordan

Friday is quickly becoming one of our favorite days of the week. Friday means Terror Tales has a brand new episode and this week’s episode, FACETIME, will make you think twice about what’s funny.

The episode opens with a young woman video chatting with her friend while simultaneously telling another friend via Facebook Messenger that she’s set up a pizza prank on him.

Sure enough, there’s a knock at the door and we watch as he goes to answer. She kind of giggles as she hears the altercation but becomes worried when things turn violent.

As he comes back to the video chat wearing pizza sauce on his shirt, we assume the worst is past, but this is a Terror Tale and the night has more in store for these two.


Showrunner Domonic Smith points out that this has been one of his favorite episodes to edit saying they had to create multiple Facebook pages to fill the world out fully. He also says there’s more than meets the eye at first glance so it’s worth multiple viewings for you detail-oriented folks who like to dive deep!

CLICK HERE to view FACETIME and let us know what you would have done if you found yourself in their situation! While you’re there, don’t for to subscribe to the Terror Tales channel!

Want to get more involved?

Each Terror Tale is based on a real life encounter and they encourage fans to share their own stories with them if they’d like to see those moments reenacted on the show. To share your own tale, email the crew at [email protected]

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