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‘Terrifier 2’ New Post-Prod. Images: “Gonna Shake Up The Horror Genre”

by Timothy Rawles
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In what seems like it’s been forever awaiting release, Terrifier 2 is finally getting some final polish and the director, Damien Leone, shared some new images on his social media page to give fans a sneak peek of what to expect.

The pandemic was not only devastating to the commercial world but it also wreaked havoc on small independent films. Many movies that were in production during the onslaught of the disruptive virus had to halt all production and the pushback bled well into 2021.

Damien Leone – Facebook: Terrifier 2

However, it seems the highly-anticipated Terrifier 2 is closer to release after almost a three-year production time. Leone who has been diligently involving fans on social media throughout the sometimes troubled production released a few color-corrected photos of the final product. The slideshow also showcases Paul Wiley’s return to the soundtrack providing a haunting and sinister score.

Leone writes:

“Hey guys! Wanted to give you a Terrifier 2 update and a little treat for all of your patience! Here is a new track from the film by the amazing Paul Wiley as well as some color corrected stills from the film.

Now you can officially see what Terrifier 2 is going to look like 😍 We are currently finalizing the color, score and sound design. The film should be finished in about a month and then we will seek distribution.”

Art the Clown: Damien Leone – Facebook: Terrifier 2

Leone goes on to say that he is eager for people to see the final product and he wants to release it promptly.

“I promise a 2022 release as early as possible. Believe me when I say all of our hard work will be worth the wait and this film is gonna shake up the horror genre 🤡👊🏻 Thank you as always for your patience and your continued support. It’s all for you guys!”

To take a look at the slideshow click HERE.

Photos are taken from Damien Leone Facebook video.