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‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ Reality Series Coming to Netflix

by Anthony Pernicka

Netflix has just announced a reality competition series based on their wildly successful Squid Game series. Squid Game: The Challenge will have 456 players that will battle each other in real-life competitions.

The chosen group of contestants will go through a series of games inspired by the original show, plus new additions, which are all intended to test their strategies, alliances, and character as others are eliminated around them.

What is also noteworthy is the huge $4.56 million dollar prize someone will walk away with.

The reality competition will consist of 10 episodes and is now casting!

Be A Contestant in Squid Game: The Challenge

Do you think you have what it takes to be the last one standing in what some are saying is the biggest reality competition ever?  If so, you can apply to be on the reality competition show by visiting SquidGameCasting.com

The homepage for the Squid Game: The Challenge casting reads as follows:

Squid Game: The Challenge
US Application

How far will you go?

You’ve seen the drama, now it’s your chance to take part in Netflix’s biggest ever social experiment! This supersized unscripted show turns the scripted world of the drama into reality. Real-life players will be immersed in the iconic Squid Game universe and will never know what’s coming next. Here they’ll compete in a series of heart-stopping games in order to become the sole survivor* and walk away with a life-changing cash prize.

With a fortune up for grabs, who will be an ally, who will you trust, and who will you betray in this ultimate test of character?

*Please note: Win or lose, all players will leave unscathed. But if you win, you win big!


Squid Game In Real Life

It was this past November that YouTube superstar Mr. Beast created his own Squid Game competition.  In Mr. Beast’s version, the winner received $456,000.  As of the time of writing this Mr. Beast’s version of the competition has 257,957,123 views.

There’s a good chance that Netflix took notice of this idea and has decided to run with it, bumping the prize to a whopping 4.56 million dollars.  You can watch Mr. Beasts Squid Game challenge here.