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‘Squid Game’ Creator Prepared to Take Season Two to the Next Level

by Waylon Jordan
Squid Game

Hwang Dong-hyuk, creator of the Squid Game phenomenon, is hard at work preparing for the next season. The Korean series took the world by storm on Netflix, becoming one of the most-watched shows in the streamer’s history.

Of course, the second season has to be bigger, better, and more intense than the first if the creator wants to continue.

“That’s my homework right now,” Dong-hyuk told Deadline, “figuring out how to take what I created in Season one and making something new and unexpected.”

The series does not yet have an official greenlight from Netflix, but it can only be a matter of time.

Squid Game centers on a group of people, all of whom are in dire fiscal situations and drowning in debt, and places them in a series of games where there can be only one winner and losing means death. Even more ingenious, Dong-hyuk built the series around Korean childhood games culminating in the violent titular game.

The marriage of simplistic games with ultraviolence was compelling and heart-wrenching at a level that no one expected when they first hit play on the series.

It will be interesting to see what Hwang Dong-hyuk creates for a second series, and what new games, he’ll create.

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