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Rare Albino One-Eyed Baby Shark Is Both Cute & Terrifying

by Timothy Rawles
Rare albino, one-eyed shark found by fishermen.

This year is full of surprises and fishermen in Indonesia got a first-hand look at just how bizarre it really is. They found an albino baby shark (cue music) with only one eye.

Image: ViralPress

The eerie but cute fish looks like it swam right out of kawaii culture. The seamen discovered the tiny creature inside a larger albino shark they caught in their nets according to The Mirror.

“We found three babies inside its stomach, but one of them looked strange with only one eye. Its colour was strange too, like milk,” Andy, one of the fishermen told the media.

Immediately upon extracting the rare baby specimen the dock crew noticed it was all white, had underdeveloped fins, and only one eye in the middle of its head.

Image: ViralPress

Although this type of deformity is rare, it’s not the first time a shark with this oddity has been discovered.

Cyclopia can develop in the womb and due to its debilitating effects, the baby sea-dweller probably wouldn’t have lasted long on its own.

Researchers were given the specimen for examination.

We know the Sharknado series is over, but maybe The Asylum will get a look at this guy and start a spin-off series: Sharkclops?