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Psychedelic Horror ‘The Invisible Mother’ Out Now

by Waylon Jordan

Take a ride through this psychedelic horror/thriller out now on VOD.

Freestyle Digital Media has acquired the North American VOD rights for The Invisible Mother, a new psychedelic horror film from writer and director duo Jacob Gillman and Matthew Diebler. The distributors previously released Demon House starring Zak BagansThe RecallThe Girl in the Book, and more.  The Invisible Mother is available now on Apple TV and other streaming devices. 

From the film’s official synopsis:  The Invisible Mother tells the story of a lesbian stoner, Marcy, and her grandparents, being tormented by the psychedelic spirits of an old photo album. Marcy returns to her grandparents’ home to find a hell of surreal ghosts and psychedelic visions, and Marcy must un-blur the lines of reality to save her family.

In this color-saturated psychedelic thriller, Marcy, having initially dismissed these visions as part of her grandmother’s dementia, quickly succumbs to horrors of her own, plagued by the warping reality and psychosexual ghosts seeping into her home.

But when a deadly entity from a Victorian photograph steals her grandfather in the night, Marcy has no choice but to team up with her eccentric southern belle neighbor, her ice-cream-truck-driving weed dealer, her ailing grandmother, and an enigmatic phone psychic to confront the dark phantasm before everyone she knows is snatched to the deadly bosom of The Invisible Mother.

The Invisible Mother features a cast including Kiersten Warren (Independence Day), Debra Wilson (Scary Movie 4), Richard Riehle (The Legend of Resurrection Mary), Brinke Stevens (The Slumber Party Massacre), and Helen Slayton-Hughes (Parks and Recreation).

The film premieres on digital platforms starting on October 12, 2021.

The Invisible Mother is available now here!

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Check out the trailer for The Invisible Mother below and look for it soon on digital VOD from Freestyle Digital Media!