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Photo Gallery: 20 of the Scariest Clowns of All Time

by admin

I don’t know exactly when the change happened, but at some point in time, clowns went from bringers of cheer to bringers of sheer terror. Clowns are seemingly the most universally feared things in the world right now, and we have films like Stephen King’s It and shows like American Horror Story to thank for that.

We tip our hats to Bored Panda for bringing the next great scary clown thing to our attention, which comes our way in the form of a thoroughly horrifying series of portraits known as ‘Clownville.’ French photographer Eolo Perfido is to blame for these nightmares, and the photos depict a handful of the creepiest clowns we’ve ever seen.

Perfido says that the photo series was inspired by silent film stars like Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin, though we’re pretty sure the inspiration actually came straight from the fiery bowels of Hell. You’ll see what we mean in just a second, if you dare gaze upon the horror that waits down below.

You have been warned…