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Pete Davidson Stars in Bloody Horror Film ‘The Home’, Set for U.S. Release by Lionsgate



The Home

Lionsgate has sealed a deal for the U.S. release of The Home, a chilling thriller directed by James DeMonaco (The Purge creator and director) and starring Pete Davidson. The film, produced by Miramax, was showcased to potential buyers at the 2023 Toronto Film Festival. The movie is slated for a theatrical release in the early segment of 2024.

Pete Davidson, widely recognized for his comedic prowess on Saturday Night Live (SNL), takes on a darker role in The Home. He portrays Max, a former foster child who embarks on a journey of discovery and horror when he starts working at a retirement home. The film intricately weaves a tale of a haunted retirement home, where both residents and caretakers conceal malevolent secrets. As Max delves deeper, he unveils connections to his own traumatic past and upbringing.

Pete Davidson on set of The Home

DeMonaco told Collider that the film is “heavy horror” and sees the actor stretching himself like never before. “Not to give too much away, but it’s about him. He’s a graffiti artist. He gets in trouble with the law and his community service instead of doing jail time; he has to live and become the new super at an old age home,” DeMonaco said.

Charlotte Koh, EVP Acquisitions and Co-Productions at Lionsgate, expressed her excitement and surprise regarding the film, stating, “We went into [The Home] not knowing what to expect and James and Pete delivered an exhilarating ride of a movie that is pure suspense-filled fun and just plain bonkers. Audiences won’t know what hit them.” The film, with its suspenseful and unexpected twists, promises to deliver a unique and enthralling experience to its audience, ensuring they are glued to their seats from start to finish.

Pete Davidson on set of The Home

Thom Zadra, EVP of Miramax, also shared his enthusiasm about the collaboration with Lionsgate, remarking, “James and Pete have created an instant horror classic, and we are thrilled to have found the perfect partner in Lionsgate to bring the film to U.S. audiences.” The partnership is poised to bring this horror classic to a wider audience, potentially making it a staple in the horror genre in the years to come.

Stay tuned for more updates on the release and behind-the-scenes insights into The Home, as we await its arrival in theaters next year.

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‘Salem’s Lot’ Screenplay Writer Gary Dauberman Signs New Deal with Screen Gems and Sony Pictures



Gary Dauberman (The Nun) just signed himself up to create a bunch of new horror projects. It looks like Screen Gems and Sony Pictures are coming around to the idea that horror can be a lucrative endeavor. This new deal gives these two divisions a first look agreement for any future projects involving Gary Dauberman.

Gary Dauberman has made a name for himself recently as one of the modern masters of horror. He has an impressive catalog of horror flicks tied to his name. Some of the more notable flicks include The Nun II, IT Chapter Two, Swamp Thing, Annabelle, Wolves at the Door, and Within.

Salem's Lot Vampire
Salem’s Lot

Even with that impressive list of films behind him, most fans are excited to see what lies in his future. His upcoming titles include Salem’s Lot, Gargoyles, and The Last Train to New York. Fans have been ravenous for updates about Dauberman’s new reimagining of Salem’s Lot. Based on how well his work has done up until this point, I think they will be in for a good time.

Dauberman had the following to say about his new role with Screen Gems:

“I am thrilled to be part of the exciting new chapter of horror at Sony Pictures and Screen Gems. I’m truly inspired by Ashley’s energy, instincts, and vision for the genre space, and I thank Josh and Sanford for their trust and support, and their commitment to horror fans.”

These actions are taking place as Sony Pictures plans to revitalize Screen Gems. Sony intends to use Screen Gems to produce more horror films for a mainstream audience. And who can blame them for that? Putting out more horror with one of the best horror movie writers around sounds like a great idea. Here is hoping that Dauberman is up for the challenge.

That’s all the information we have on this deal at this time. Feel free to check out Dauberman’s full credit list here. As always, make sure to check back here for updates and all of your horror news.

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Director Adam Green Relays a Chilling True Story About the Ski Lift in ‘Frozen’



Just before director Adam Green announced the DVD release of his festival hit Victor Crowley back in 2018, he gave fans a behind-the-scenes tale about another one of his films; Frozen.

As we approach the 14th anniversary of that movie, we thought we would rewind a bit and re-share what he said about his experience on Frozen; his most successful film to date.

In Frozen a group of friends get stuck on a ski lift high above the ground in the middle of a snowstorm and try to figure out how to get down.

The film is not based on a true story, but there is an eerie coincidence as he tells it attached to the film’s location, and he may have had a premonition while riding the lift before cameras even started rolling.

“[We] finally came over these trees and there it was,” conveys Adam while scouting exteriors 50 feet above the ground. “There was the spot and instead of me saying ‘This is where we should shoot the movie,’ for some reason I said ‘This is where they die,’ and the chair just stopped- stopped! And I thought the representative of the mountain was like f***ing with us or something, but no it stopped.”

Adam says he excused the sudden halt to the wind or something else; it’s no rare occurrence that ski lifts stop without warning, but he says it was still really eerie and what was only a few minutes of hanging there in mid-air, felt like an hour.

Here’s the strange part,  as he was shooting the movie he found out from lift operators that someone had taken their own life with a firearm in that exact same location. They even showed a member of the crew the alleged chair that had the bullet hole in it.

Thinking it was still just a rumor, or a local urban legend Adam did more investigating. It wasn’t until Sundance that Adam got confirmation the death was real.

“Somebody in the audience raised their hand, and…said the person’s name. It was a true story, someone did die there. After that point my editor and I started going through all the footage trying to see if there was another voice on the audio or can you see anything.” They didn’t.

However chilling that story is we’d still love to hear if there was ever a conversation with Disney about using them using the name Frozen for their animated hit which came out three years later.

We sadly assume Disney won’t be doing a princess musical about Victor Cowley anytime soon, so we know that copyright is safe.

Green talks about his ski lift premonition at 11:38 in the video below:


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Nicolas Cage Says That He is Going to Quit Making Movies




Nicolas Cage’s persona has become its very own brand of entertainment, a cult of personality. The guy can just talk in an interview and it can go viral. His films over the past few years have ranged from lacking to all-out extraordinary. There is no rhyme or reason to the beats between them either. But, the guy can chuck out a terrible action film and then the next week have A24 films cooking in the box office. Movies like Pig, Mandy, Color Out of Space and Dream Scenario are all singular pieces of work. Whatever the case, Cage is ready to stop making movies.

The actor spoke to Uproxx and said that his interest has now shifted to television. After watching Breaking Bad and seeing how much more can be told in a TV series seems to have the actor excited about the format.

“I am very interested in immersion streaming with episodic television. I have seen things that can be done now with characters and the time they’re given to express themselves. I saw Bryan Cranston stare at a suitcase for an hour on one episode of Breaking Bad. We don’t have time to do that in a feature film, so maybe television is the next best step for me. We’ll see.”

Cage has done a ton of films. For a good while, audiences saw a long string of films from Cage that didn’t hold much water. It wasn’t until the past few years that Cage managed to hit this stride and get a second wind with genre-bending, daring films.

Nicolas Cage in Mandy

“after 45 years of doing this; that in over 100 movies – I feel I’ve pretty much said what I’ve had to say with cinema. And I’d like to leave on a high note and say, ‘Adios.’ I think I have to do maybe three or four more movies before I can get there, and then hopefully switch formats and go into some other way of expressing my acting.” Cage said. “I would’ve liked to have left on a high note, like Dream Scenario. But I have other contracts that I have to fulfill, so we’ll see what happens. I mean, I am going to be very severe and very astringent on the selection process moving forward.” 

Cage will still reserve the right to come back to films if they are giant things that he finds interesting like Face/Off 2 or films in that vein.

Dream Scenario is currently playing in theaters and worth the watch. It takes Cage in a very Freddy Krueger-like direction… with a lot more drama than horror at work.

What do you think about Cage’s decision to quit working in film and focusing on TV? Let us know in the comments.

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