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New ‘Wrong Turn’ Movie Clip Shows Giant Log Mowing Down Hikers

by Timothy Rawles
Wrong Turn (2021)

Wrong Turn: The Foundation released a first-look clip this past week. Now just titled Wrong Turn the movie stars Matthew Modine, Charlotte Vega, and Bill Sage; it’s scheduled to release in theaters (and non-restricted VOD) for one-night-only on January 26.

The clip is an IGN exclusive and sheds a little light on the young characters who have become lost in the woods and are being tracked by a bunch of cannibalistic hillbillies. Series creator Alan B. McElroy returned to pen this reboot-equel while Mike P. Nelson (The Domestics) directs.

The below clip sets up the story showing a group of friends walking downhill through the Appalachian Trail. Out of nowhere, a giant tree trunk is released and begins rolling after them like a medieval steamroller. As they flee the trap, one young man (Vardaan Arora) is backed up against a tree as the out-of-control log heads toward him, suggesting his bloody demise.

The franchise, which started back in 2003, has had (up until now) five sequels, each with varying degrees of criticism. Mostly, fans are loyal to the original starring Eliza Dushku and Desmond Harrington. Last Resort was the last entry into the series back in 2014. The reboot started filming in September 2019 just before the pandemic.

Wrong Turn Poster

As trap slashers go, the Wrong Turn franchise started out strong. Although the concept was borrowed from other storylines, horror fans were impressed with the kills and quality of production. In later films, the cannibals, each with their own kill-style became memorable movie monsters which lengthened the life of the franchise.

This latest Turn comes at a time when horror fans are thirsting for a studio-polished film after enjoying a slew of great independent horror movies while quarantined at home. German production house Constantin Films produced Wrong Turn with Saban picking up North American distribution rights late last year.

Wrong Turn will release for one night in theaters, and VOD, on Jan. 26.

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