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New Trailer For ‘Winchester’ Unveiled

by admin

There are so many different horror movies about hauntings and haunted houses, it’s sometimes easy to forget the real ones. Perhaps one of the most infamous being the Winchester House, which now has a movie of it’s own based upon the legends. We had some previews before on the project, and now we have a full fledged trailer of what to expect from the new supernatural thriller.

The story follows Sarah Winchester (Helen Mirren), heiress to the Winchester Rifle company and accompanying fortune. With her family dying unexpectedly, Sarah builds her already expansive estate even larger in order to try and keep dark supernatural forces at bay. By constantly expanding and adding to the mansion with maze like corridors, staircases to nowhere, trap doors, and other set-ups, Sarah thinks she can trap the vengeful spirits that curse her. She believes herself and her family to be haunted by the many, many casualties of her wealth: The Winchester Rifle. She summons Doctor Eric Price (Jason Clarke) to try and prove her otherworldly enemies to be real, only for the entire group to find themselves under siege.

The trailer teases a number of ghostly entities and historical drama as Sarah’s ghastly fears prove all too real. Winchester opens in theaters February 2nd, 2018.