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Jump-Scare Spoiler Website Takes the Fun Out of Fright

by Timothy Rawles

A few months back I wrote an article about a website that would tell you whether or not an animal dies in a movie. Now I’m back to talk about another spoiler site, this time it’s not about prop animals but taking the scare out of the movie altogether.

The site is called Where’s the Jump? and it categorizes every jump-scare contained in a movie that uses the device, they employ a large database that pinpoints the timestamp where the scare happens and an option to hide the description of the scare as to not spoil the spoiler.

There is a star system based on the intensity of the jolt along with IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes info and whether it’s available on Netflix.

It’s a sortable list that can be changed according to your priorities: do you want to be scared out of your seat with movies that rely heavily on the gimmick or a slower burn with movies that create atmosphere over alarm.

Where’s the Jump includes thrillers and science fiction films too.

Do any of you find this to be a useful tool? I mean you’re on a website that caters to horror films and what’s a horror film lately without an unexpected blow?

One of the first jump-scares that I can remember as a kid was Jaws when Richard Dreyfuss’ character Hopper investigates the hull of an abandoned boat at night. You remember; he finds a large shark’s tooth embedded in the hole but drops it after an eyeless head pops into frame causing him to panic. Think I cried in terror. I was only 8.

The next best jump scare for me didn’t come until 2000 in Final Destination when Death takes claim to the soul of a character delivering her demonstrative dialogue while walking backward into the street. You don’t need a website to tell you what comes next, but if you do, it happens at 49:21 according to Where’s the Jump?

One of the main reasons I like the genre is not necessarily for its gore. Yes, a talented SFX team is very much appreciated, and practical gags are a plus.

Where’s the Jump? only caters to online viewing or films that are available on demand which means if you are taking in the next Insidious on opening weekend you’re going to have to sit with your anxiety. To me, that’s half the price of the ticket. As an adult, I don’t go to Six Flags to ride the kiddie rides I want to be on the verge of spewing.

A true horror fan is already going to know when to expect a jump anyway, they don’t need a primer. The fridge door opens, then closes, then opens then…AIYEEE! It’s a boilerplate mindset that I have only grown slightly tired of. Less tired than the so-played-out-it’s- embarrassing found footage tropes.

I won’t be using Where’s the Jump? because I want to be scared for whatever reason. I’m sure there’s a psychological explanation that I wouldn’t understand out there somewhere, but I think the taste of fear and liking it begins at a very young age.

Remember those “Jack-in-the-Box” toys when you were a really small kid? The ones that played “Pop Goes the Weasel” when you turned the crank. If you didn’t know the song beforehand and that clown in blue polka-dots burst from the lid all of a sudden, you either screamed or laughed. I screamed, then laughed, then learned the song.

The point is, not knowing what’s going to happen in a movie, or even in life is the exhilarating part of human existence and taking that away is not fun for an able-minded, critically-thinking human being.