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Jamie Lee Curtis Nabs the Scream Queen GOAT at MTV Awards

by Timothy Rawles
MTV Movie & TV Awards

Jamie Lee Curtis got some TLC from MTV this past Sunday. The 62-year-old versatile actress was awarded the Greatest of All Time: Scream Queen.

The queen of Scream, Neve Campbell, made the announcement.

“I’m just so excited,” said Curtis holding the famous golden popcorn statue in a pre-recorded outdoor segment. “To all the fans at MTV and obviously all the fans of horror movies, I thank you personally from the bottom of my heart–it’s been an amazing time.”

After thanking the filmmakers of the original Halloween Curtis went on to praise the crew of its reboot.

“And now, all these years later–42 years later—David Gordon Green, Malek Akkad, Blumhouse, Universal, Miramax have all come together to bring you another Halloween and now two more.”

Curtis then coaxed a reluctant Michael Myers, who was hiding behind a tree, to join her in the acceptance speech.

“But for me, the greatest partnership and the only reason I’m standing here today is my partnership with my friend Michael so I’d like to bring him out.”

Cue Halloween theme.

The two icons stood side-by-side; Michael holding the award for Curtis while she put on a face mask with his image on it. “So from the bottom of our hearts, we both thank you so, so much for this incredible honor and hope that you enjoy the next two movies: Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends.

Skip to 7:55 in the below video for the segment.