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Jamie Kennedy Reacts to the New ‘Scream’ Trailer

Gotta Love His Love For Leprechaun

by Trey Hilburn III

Jamie Kennedy’s Randy was a huge part of Scream’s lore. His monologue concering the rules of slashers has echoed through the film’s history from its first trailer all the way to Deputy Dewey reciting part of his dialogue in the new trailer. Randy’s horror loving trivia will live forever in that sense.

Kennedy sat down and watched the Scream trailer to give a reaction video for all of us to see. Over the course of the video, it’s clear that Kennedy is excited about the tone that the new one takes. Of course, you can tell that he is also bummed that Randy is gone… but in a recent statement, Kennedy also admitted that he thinks it’s better that Randy doesn’t come back. We have to agree with him.

His response was based on the rumors that fellow Scream alum, Matthew Lillard would be coming back in some capacity for the latest entry of Scream.

One of the best things from the video is Kennedy’s admitted love for Leprechaun. We love the little guy too, so hearing that was a pot of gold for us.

Scream slashes into theaters beginning January 14, 2022. We can’t wait to be seated in a crowded theater for this one.