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Huge ‘UFO’ Captured in Viral Tik Tok Video Has People Saying “Nope”



Tik Tok user Nesha Higgins utters an expletive in her now-viral capture of what appears to be a huge UFO emerging through the clouds.

One might think this was a publicity stunt for Jordan Peele’s upcoming horror movie Nope. But alas it is just Mother Nature doing what she always does; scare the crap out of people.

The video was captured over the cloudy skies of Tempe, AZ. Just like an Independence Day sentry ship, the mass appears to be pushing through the clouds.

In fact, what Higgins (and the rest of us) was experiencing is a phenomenon known as pareidolia. That’s when your brain adds meaning to something nebulous.

That being said, the image is uncanny if you compare it to the poster for Nope.

Universal owes nature’s PR team for this huge UFO

Jordan Peele must be thanking the heavens for this free publicity for his movie which opens on July 22. Although the plot has been kept under wraps, the director has confirmed the movie is about UFOs.

“So I set my sights on the great American UFO story,” he told Fandango. “And the movie itself deals with spectacle, and the good and bad that come from this idea of attention. It’s a horror epic, but it has some points in it that are meant to elicit a very audible reaction in the theater.”

The movie has also inspired a new attraction at Universal Studio’s Hollywood. Guests who pay for a backlot tour will also get to experience Jupiter’s Claim, the fictional town in which the film takes place. It’s the actual movie set created by Production Designer Ruth DeJong. It was dismantled after the movie wrapped and then reconstructed at Universal Studios.

Watch the video below to see Higgins’ reaction. And go see Nope in theaters on July 22.


Honest Trailer For ‘Stranger Things 4’ is the Ultimate Roast



In what might be the ultimate roast for the phenomenon known as Stranger Things, the people over at Screen Junkies have nearly read the series to filth. But it’s all in rib-tickling fun. Some spoilers ahead.

Even though the series has probably just saved Netflix stock from a recent down surge, it’s still open for scrutiny. From Steve’s impossible escape to Will’s soft coming-out diatribe, Stranger Things 4 isn’t without its questionable flaws. In fact, honestly, there is lots to put on blast.

Stranger Things 4 Creel House

First on the spit is the numerous amount of Stephen King references Stranger Things assaults you with. From a near shot-by-shot camera upsweep of the Creel house which can also be seen in IT”s Well House to the Carrie/Eleven school bullying collation, Stranger Things 4 is audacious in its homage to the prolific writer.

The cast is larger than most JRPGs

Perhaps one of the most glaring properties is the overstuffed cast list. Why aren’t the Duffer Brothers killing off their main characters? Yes, this season we get a few deaths, but it does nothing to whittle down the enormous cavalcade of personalities in varying story arcs.

Millie Bobby Brown called her directors to task in an interview with The Wrap.

“You need to start killing people off,” she declared. “The Duffer Brothers are sensitive Sallies who don’t want to kill anybody off. We need to have the mindset of ‘Game of Thrones.’ Kill me off! They tried killing David [Harbour] off and they brought him back!”

To which the Duffers replied in so many words, “it’s complicated,” like in most relationships.

Closed Captioning isn’t safe in this ultimate roast

As many fans have pointed out the person in charge of closed captioning wrote highly detailed descriptions of almost…everything. While that’s great for the hearing impaired viewers, this type of OCD is next-level. “Wet squelch” to describe Vecna’s tentacles is one thing but what the heck is “eldritch thrumming?”


It’s not fault-finding, it’s pop culture

We aren’t going to give away everything in the Honest Trailer video, but just know that it’s seven minutes long and filled with hilarious biting commentary. This isn’t to say Stranger Things 4 is bad, but it has reached a level in pop culture where things need to be said. And with that, we wouldn’t be surprised if a parody is on the way. That’s when you know you’ve made it.

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10 Worst Shark Movies According to Letterboxd 



Shark movies and summer go hand-in-hand. We’ve had a few this year already. Ouija Shark 2 and The Reef: Stalked are coming out soon and recently Shark Bait was a mediocre surprise. However, there have been some real — depending on your point-of-view — stinkers in the past. At least according to Letterboxd.

Letterboxd is a great tool if you’re planning on avoiding the heat and staying in for some oceanic predator thrillers. Of course, there’s the apex box-office masterpiece Jaws and the modern impressively shot The Shallows. But what about the cinematic flotsam and jetsom, the ones that are so ridiculous their publicity agents probably cringed at the thought of trying to market these Best Value copies?

We have taken the lowest-rated shark films on Letterboxd to compile this list. From that list, we filtered out 10 shark movies from lowest rated to highest.

The “Worst” Shark Movies Is a Matter of Opinion

We discovered that Asylum, a gloriously schlocky studio, isn’t the only company that’s afraid to take the great out of a Great White shark film. That’s not a criticism, it’s a celebration of B-grade CGI moviemaking and great green screen acting. The 10 movies below are ordered from worst to best. We’ve included the trailers just in case you need more convincing to invest your precious summertime viewing schedule into some hilariously diminishing returns.

10. Jurassic Shark

Not only is this a play on words, it’s also a play on the genre. Get ready as group of castaways are terrorized by a shark the size of a 747. Unlike a jumbo jet, this one doesn’t quite stick the landing.

When an oil company has unwittingly unleashed a prehistoric shark from its icy prison, the Jurassic killer maroons a group of art thieves and a group of beautiful young college students on an abandoned piece of land. The two opposing groups are forced to do what they can to survive or become food for the not-quite-extinct shark!

9. Shark Exorcist (2015)

Fifty years! Yes 50 years later and The Exorcist is still the scariest movie of all time. Sadly the scariest part of this worse shark movie is its tagline: “The only thing more terrifying than a shark in the sea, is a shark in a she!” You’re gonna need a bigger sense of humor.

A demonic nun summons Satan to a small fishing village, where he takes over the bodies of a great white shark and a young woman. A chain reaction of evil grips the tiny community as shredded bodies wash ashore. A Catholic priest arrives, and he must fight both teeth and temptation on land and sea in order to send these man-killers back to Hell before the tide comes in for good!

8. Psycho Shark (2009)

This movie has been dubbed “Jaws in Japan.” But we’ll let you be the judge on whether or not that’s a compliment or an insult. We think the trailer below will give you some push toward your opinion, maybe it’s just us, but it’s kind of intriguing.

Beautiful girls are in danger. At Sunny Beach, a huge shark is waiting for his prey. College students Miki and Mai arrive on a private beach on a tropical island. They can’t find the hotel where they booked their reservations, and have gotten hopelessly lost, until a handsome young man shows up, offering to take them to his lodge. But something is not right about the place. The owner’s fingernails are tainted with blood and Miki feels something sinister lurking nearby.

7. Avalanche Sharks (2013)

Whereas Shark Exorcist employs the Catholic Church as thier possession catalyst, here it’s a Native American curse. This one’s different though, the curse makes young women don bikinis in freezing weather, and salt water fish to swim in snow banks. I guess, snow is technically water?

It’s Spring Break at a U.S. ski field. The resorts visitors and staff are attacked by snow sharks who were summoned to the mountain by vengeful American Indian sharmans long ago. The staff and some spring breakers battle the cursed ice-sharks to survive in the snow and escape the mountain.

6. Planet of the Sharks (2016)

Waterworld meets Deep Blue Sea in this post-apocalyptic worst shark movie. Although Planet of the Apes had award-winning makeup effects by John Chambers, this movie keeps the creatures mute and in their natural form — if you count CGI as natural.

In the near future, glacial melting has covered ninety-eight percent of Earth’s landmass. Sharks have flourished, and now dominate the planet, operating as one massive school led by a mutated alpha shark.

5. Raiders of the Lost Shark (2014)

Are you noticing a pattern? No, not that there’s a pandemic of bad Jaws rip-offs, but there’s a pandemic of bad movie title parodies. It’s almost like writing titles for adult movies. That’s half right for this worst shark movie — this is softcore. Plenty of audition-grade acting and cheap SFX makes one wonder why this one ranked above Shark Exorcist.

Four friends set out by boat for a vacation on a private island. But unknown to them, a weaponized shark has escaped from a top-secret military lab, a shark genetically engineered with hate in its blood, and programmed to hunt any human within range. Now, these friends must band together to battle an all-new brand of predator who will stop at nothing to remain at the top of the food chain.

4. Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus (2010)

The filmmakers aren’t only taking artistic liberties with evolution but toying with genetics in this one. Given that a crocodiles are actually a real dinosaurs there was no need to change its name, that is unless you’re going to make it a kaiju. Which is exactly what the makers of this bonkers film did to make it interesting. Add a grown-up Jaleel White to the mix and you have a drinking game in which you take a shot and say “did I do that?” after every building collapse.

A megalodon battles with a crocosaurus causing massive destruction. The U.S. Army has to try and destroy the havoc creating monsters.

3. Amityville Island (2020)

Slasher meets possession meets a cult meets women in prison meets haunted house meets Jaws, let’s thrown in a creepy doll just for cliche’s sake. These worst shark movie titles are edging closer to being meta, this one gives a nod to both Jaws and The Amityville Horror.

A cursed survivor of killings at the Amityville house brings evil to a small island where bizarre genetic experiments are carried out on humans and animals in a secret women’s prison.

2. 2-Headed Shark Attack 

Once the hair-flipping and beach towel poses are done, this one actually looks like a winner. With Carmen Electra and Brooke Hogan as headliners, it’s all downhill from here. Asylum put some thought into this one. It’s the very definition of a B-movie and the reason why we love them so much.

Survivors escape to a deserted atoll, after their boat during a Semester at Sea ship is sunk by a mutated two-headed shark. But when the atoll starts flooding, no one is safe from the double jaws of the monster.

1. Frenzy aka Surrounded (2018)

The money is in the cinematography in this The Shallows clone. This movie looks a little better than the rest on this list. Maybe that’s because the two leads Aubrey Reynolds and Gina Vitori aren’t the typical busty beach babe trope so often exploited in B-movies.

A group of friends run a popular travel vlog that helps fund their adventures. Paige (Gina Vitori), the leader of the group, includes her younger sister, Lindsey (Aubrey Reynolds), for the next scuba diving trip to an isolated cove. But when their plane crashes, the two sisters must use their strength, resourcefulness and immense courage to survive a pack of great white sharks.

Well that’s it. These are the worst rated shark movies on Letterboxd. Some are good some are bad, but all are fun. If you give one or all a watch let us know your thoughts. And as always, if we missed something let us know.

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Is ‘Night of the Living Deb’ The Most Underrated July 4th Horror Movie?



Despite heavy praise by critics Night of the Living Deb (2015) gets barely any love as an American Independence Day horror movie. Maybe that’s because it bills itself as a “Rom-Zom-Com” and no one wants that! But give it a chance. It’s currently playing for free on Tubi and a lot of people could use some laughs these days.

The film steals bits of its plot from Shaun of the Dead. Two people are unexpectedly caught in a zombie apocalypse and must make their way through town to retrieve their loved ones. But where Deb differs is that the duo are actually coming off a one-night stand with each other. Think of it as “The Walking Shame of the Living Dead.”

You see Deb is kind of a desperate gal. She is infatuated with the gorgeous metrosexual Ryan (Michael Cassidy) who is actually engaged to another woman. One night on July 4th eve, Deb flirts with him, and the next morning, she lies clothed in his bed. Neither of them (or us) knows if “anything” happened. Ryan wants her to leave but doesn’t know how to get her to do so.

What they do know is that something weird is happening outside. People have gone crazy biting other people which they quickly deduce as a zombie apocalypse.

Deb is an interesting character. She’s always quoting Longfellow and lives somewhere between infatuation and clinical anxiety. But she’s not shy about plowing down the undead in her massive Caddilac. She can be charming but slightly sadistic.

Maria Thayer as Deb is the heart of the movie. In the recent movie Dashcam, audiences were introduced to Annie Hardy who some say is the most annoying protagonist to ever sustain a movie. Unlike Annie, Deb’s pesky behavior is actually funny and her sense of humor is charming. The bottom line is she is likable and her chemistry with Ryan is classic sitcom stuff.

Night of the Living Deb’s budget came from a crowdsourcing campaign. Director Kyle Rankin never lets the action die. There are bits of downtime, but that’s for plot development and it doesn’t last long. You may remember Rankin as the co-director of Project Greenlight’s The Battle of Shaker Heights.

Rankin loves gore and there is plenty of it in Night of the Living Deb. Although not state of the art, most of it is humorous so it’s not horrific anyway.

The movie is not perfect. Its derivative nature barely registers as homage. Even the hilarious “twist” ending abandons the formula as contrived as it is. But fans of zombie films might like to put this in their rotation around Independence Day because it’s got heart, great performances, and never takes itself seriously. There’s freedom in that.

Romero would be proud. Happy Fourth!

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