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High School Stages ‘Alien’ Play, Facehugs Our Hearts

by Michael Carpenter

Ah, high school, where many people first develop a love of acting and the creative arts. Still, that doesn’t mean most high school plays are actually good, I mean, they’re put on by a bunch of amateurs after all. Well, nobody told that to a high school class in New Jersey.

On Wednesday, March 20th and Friday, March 22nd, the students at North Bergen High School in North Bergen, NJ staged a legitimately awesome DIY production of the classic 1979 Ridley Scott sci-fi/horror film Alien. The homemade costumes and sets were simply amazing.

According to BuzzFeed, art teacher Steven Defendini and his crew of only six students were able to construct the play’s costumes and sets from recycled materials, managing to create practical spacesuits and two Xenomorph creatures sure to make any horror fan smile.

Additionally, the Alien play used a whopping 15 different sets, also created by the small team. Included below this paragraph are Twitter posts by Paul Owens that offer several looks at the play, as well as a video one of the student’s parents shot of the infamous facehugger scene.



Understandably, North Bergen’s Alien play has received tons of positive attention since its existence was first revealed online, and now the school is talking about doing a third performance this year. Here’s hoping Fox’s copyright lawyers continue not to bother them.

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