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HAUNTED HISTORY – Types of Hauntings Part 1

by Angela Ancarana

In the world of paranormal investigation, there are many types of  hauntings, and each must be researched and understood to fully understand the types of energy you may be dealing with in a location. In this short series, we’ll be covering those various hauntings and what we understand about them.

Residual Haunting:

This type of haunting usually occurs when a traumatic event takes place in a location. The energy from this event seeps into the atmosphere causing a type of imprint. Usually, we find these hauntings where violent events such as murders have occurred.

These events will play over and over, and the “entity” is unaware of its surroundings, meaning this is not an intelligent haunting and no interaction can take place with the entity involved.

Residual hauntings are not always due to a traumatic event, however. For example, a man might have spent a lot of time on his balcony, pacing back and forth to think. This could be done so often that the energy was imprinted on that very spot and some have captured a figure in that location. However when asked to interact, the entity never changes other than the pacing back and forth, and the same image can be captured repeatedly. They will not answer questions like an intelligent haunting and their movements will not change.

Intelligent Haunting:

Intelligent hauntings are hauntings where you or the entity can interact with their surroundings.

There are many different theories of why some spirits stay on this plane and why some “cross over.” Possibly the entity stays in a particular location because they had wonderful memories there and do not want to leave, or they are unaware they have passed on.

Other theories state that the spirit has unfinished business and until that has been completed, they are stuck where they passed on, or some have said they are afraid of their final judgment and do not want to face what may come next on a different plane of existence.

Whatever the reason, these are spirits that we can question and receive responses: they interact by touch, moving objects, and EVP (electronic voice phenomena). Some of these entities can use their energy to move objects as this may be to get our attention or for another reason we are unaware. No matter the reason, they are able to communicate intelligently.