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Gael García Bernal Has Been Cast in Disney+’s ‘Werewolf By Night’ Halloween Special

Disney is Really Upping the Horror

by Trey Hilburn III

Following the big news concerning a Marvel Zombies series and a Moon Knight preview, we were excited to hear that Marvel’s Werewolf By Night is also joining the lineup. Pretty exciting considering Werewolf By Night was revamped in comics via Moon Knight. While, Moon Knight will be lead by star Oscar Isaac, Werewolf By Night will reportedly star Gael García Bernal.

The character goes all the way back Marvel Tales back in 53′. The first outing was a short one, but the character was later allowed to grow in a couple of different ways. While there have been two reworkings of Werewolf by Night in comics, one lead by Jake Gomez and the other lead by Jack Russel, we are hoping for the Jake Gomez take. Gomez was a Native American that had the werewolf curse placed on him. As such, Gomez constantly thought of his lycanthropy as a curse and never a gift. Plus, the whole Jack Russel name always bothered me. It was a big, silly wink to the breed of Terrier.

The very awesome and welcome Werewolf by Night news was reported by The Wrap. We don’t have any details on a production schedule, but the series is reportedly a Halloween special set for next year. We will give you all more news as we receive it. However, in the meantime, Werewolves being added to an already cool line-up of Marvel Zombies is very cool news indeed.

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