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Elvira Plays Her Own ‘House of Horrors’ Pinball Machine

by Trey Hilburn III

There are few things as rad as Elvira. She is the Mistress of the Dark and a total singular icon. We all love her. On top of her amazing horror hosting, films, comics, etc… we additionally really love her pinball machines.

Elvira now has three themed pinball machines. The first two Scared Stiff and Elvira and the Party Monsters are some of our fave machines to hit when visiting our local Pinballz Arcade. In addition to those greats, the Mistress of the Dark has another machine titled Elvira: House of Horrors.

Luckily, the good folks over at Dead Flip caught up with Cassandra Peterson in order to chat about pinball and even to play a few balls in the process. Of course, the amazing Peterson is quick to turn the tables on Dead Flip during the interview and manages to once again give us more of her trademark pure entertainment.

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Have you been lucky enough to play any of Elvira’s machines? Let us know in the comments section.