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Did You Catch The Walking Dead’s Tribute to Dawn of the Dead?

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One of our favorite things about The Walking Dead has been the many hidden little homages to horror movies past, as the show has paid tribute to films like Day of the Dead, An American Werewolf in London, Tales from the Crypt and The Evil Dead.

The homages are all thanks to makeup effects legend Greg Nicotero, who designs the show’s zombies and also serves as executive producer. Nicotero got his start working with George Romero on Day of the Dead, so it’s often Romero’s films that he pays tribute to.

Last night’s Season 5 finale included yet another little wink and nod to Romero’s filmography, this time referencing an iconic scene from the original Dawn of the Dead. In the film, Tom Savini famously swings a machete into a zombie’s head, and fans have come to call that particular character ‘Machete Zombie.’

On The Walking Dead last night, you may have noticed that a walker suffered the same fate as Machete Zombie, and closer inspection reveals that the two zombies look much the same. We tip our hats to Reddit user ‘effectivecatch,’ who screen-grabbed the moment and put it side-by-side with a still from Dawn.

Walking Dead Machete Zombie

This is now the third time The Walking Dead has paid direct tribute to Dawn of the Dead, as both ‘Plaid Shirt Zombie’ and ‘Flyboy Zombie’ popped up in Season 3. Similarly, Day of the Dead‘s Bub had a cameo in Season 4. You can check out side-by-sides of those hidden treats below.

Walking Dead plaid shirt

Walking Dead Flyboy

The Walking Dead Bub zombie

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