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‘Deadly DILF’ & Other Scary Titles Tubi Offers Up This Week



Can we get a break from all the paid streaming services out there? Actually, you can because Tubi is 100% free. No, they are not sponsoring this article, but expect ad breaks while watching their content.

But with their extensive catalog of new and classic horror films and television shows, who cares about commercials, there’s something for everyone.

We thought we would feature some of the things that might interest you if zombie scrolling through Netflix or Paramount+ has become exhausting, starting with Scariest Places on Earth.

Scariest Place on Earth

This is one of those packaged shows that explore different macabre locations around the world. It’s pretty explanatory, especially since the premise is literally in the title. But if you need a reminder here’s the logline:

“Step into 10 of the most terrifying locations in the world, ranging from haunted castles to abandoned islands certain to send chills down your spine.”

The Lurking Fear

You already know this creature feature is a derivative of other and possibly better movies of its type. But, remember Tubi is free, and for people on a budget getting an “original” movie is a perk.

Although this is yet another movie disguised as “found footage,” it doesn’t look half bad. Okay, maybe half bad. Here’s that logline:

“When a TV crew shoots a reality show at an abandoned mental institution, they encounter a horde of demons, leading to a bloody fight for survival.”

Deadly DILF

It’s as if nobody in these movies ever saw Play Misty for Me or Fatal Attraction — or what’s that one with Beyonce? Granted none of them had a title as giggle-worthy as this one. Still, despite its almost word-for-word dialogue of past movies that deal with this same horny subject, it looks kind of suspenseful. And by that we mean in a TV movie kind of way.

Here’s another predictive text logline:

“A harmless flirtation between a college freshman and the hot dad next door turns deadly when the young girl becomes obsessed with him and tries to destroy his marriage.”

All of these titles are now available on, and let us know if you watched any of them. Give us your quick review.

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The Best New Horror Flicks Coming to Streaming Platforms This Week



We are officially in October and that means one thing, a surplus of horror films will be hitting streaming platforms this week. If you are anything like me and need to be aware of every horror film that gets released then this list is for you. Check out the list below, mark your calendar accordingly, and make sure to stock up on snacks because there is a lot to watch this week.

Appendage-October 2nd-Hulu

Appendage Poster

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your anxiety began to manifest as a physical being inside of your body? If so, Appendage may be just the flick you are looking for. Part body horror and part possession flick, this film will definitely be on the must watch list for many horror fans.

You have to hand it to Hulu’s Huluween setup, each year they provide us with some of the best indie horror films fresh off the circuit. If you want to see what suffering for your art really means, stream Appendage on October 2nd, via Hulu.

House of Dolls-October 3rd-VOD

House of Dolls Poster

When has claiming an inheritance at a mysterious location ever been a good thing? What do you get when you combine an escape room, family drama, and punk rock Pinhead? House of Dolls, apparently.

The biggest draw to this movie has to be the fact that it features part of horror royalty, Dee Wallace (Cujo). If you want to see if this queen of horror has still got it, stream House of Dolls on October 3rd, via VOD.

Mary Had a Little Lamb-October 3rd-VOD/DVD

Mary Had a Little Lamb Poster

Words cannot describe how much I love this new trend of children’s book horror movies. This trend has brought us Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey, Sleeping Beauty’s Massacre, and now Mary Had a Little Lamb.

Any horror fan worth their salt should be able to look at that poster and know that this is going to be a great movie. If you to turn off your brain and just enjoy some carnage, stream Mary Had a Little Lamb on October 3rd, via VOD.

The Nun II_October 3rd_PVOD

The Nun II Poster

This film doesn’t need much of an introduction on my part. This sequel hails from the ever-popular Conjuring universe and is currently shattering all expectations at the box office.

While not as successful as the original film, The Nun II is making horror fans scream out in fright all over the globe. If you want to see what kind of special effects you can get with a blank check from Warner Brothers, go stream The NUN II on October 3rd, via PVOD.

Don’t Look Away-October 3rd-VOD

Don’t Look Away Poster

If you ever had the thought that It Follows would have been better if they used a plastic mannequin instead of the lurking presence, then Don’t Look Away will be right up your alley.

While going with the uncanny valley effect may be risky, it doesn’t often work, this film looks like a solid thriller either way. If giant dolls are something that gets under your skin, go stream Don’t Look Away on October 3rd, via VOD.

The Jester-October 3rd-VOD

The Jester

I will watch anything that Dread Central Produces. Are these films always good? No. But they are always worth watching. The trailer for The Jester has me just confused enough to be intrigued.

This film looks like a mashup of Terrifier, An American Werewolf in London, and Wishmaster. If you like a little slapstick in your horror, stream The Jester on October 3rd, via VOD.

The Mean One-October 3rd-VOD/DVD

The Mean One Poster

I have been waiting for this film to come to VOD since it was announced on October 7th, 2022. For those who are unaware, The Mean One is an unlicensed remake of How the Grinch Stole Christmas starring David Howard Thornton (Terrifier).

This promised to be the bloodiest Christmas film in quite some time and will definitely be added to my annual holiday watch list. If you want to see how much carnage the Grinch can really dole out, stream The Mean One on October 3rd, via VOD.

Haunted Manion-October 4th-PVOD

Haunted Mansion Poster

Intro horror doesn’t get enough credit as a subgenre. Without media like Beetlejuice or Are You Afraid of the Dark, we would have far fewer horror fans. And the world would be a much more boring place to live as a result.

Haunted Mansion is the newest big budget intro horror film made by Disney. As such it’s a great family friendly horror flick to share with the kids. If you want to get in a little family bonding time, why not grab some popcorn and stream Haunted Mansion on October 4th, via VOD

Monsters of California-October 6th-VOD

Monsters of California Poster

It is widely known that Tom Delonge (Blink 182) is a big believer in extraterrestrial life. So much so that he left the highly successful band to go find proof of alien life. Whether he did or not is up to speculation. But what we do know is that he made an awesome horror film about aliens.

Monsters of California gives us a group of four teenage friends as they find a government cover up proving that monsters are real. Oh, and it features music from Blink-182 throughout the trailer. If that sounds as awesome to you as it does to me, stream Monsters of California on October 6th, via VOD.

Vindicta-October 6th-VOD

Vindicta Poster

Vindicta hasn’t gotten the attention that it deserves. Combining a serial killer plot with a revenge thriller isn’t something that we see often enough in the world of horror. At least not since the early 2000s, when they were every other movie.

Not to mention this film has a star-studded cast. We get performances from Sean Astin (The Lord of the Rings), Jeremy Piven (The Twilight Zone), and Karolina Cubitt (Supernatural). If you want something that will get your heart rate up, stream Vindicta on October 6th, via VOD.

V/H/S 85-October 6th-Shudder

V/H/S 85 Poster

Additions to the V/H/S catalog are becoming about as regularly scheduled as The Simpsons Tree House of Horror episodes. Meaning that horror fans can expect an installment each spooky season. And honestly, I’m here for it.

This entry features five new tapes from the ever-popular 80’s theme trend that we can’t seem to escape from. If you want to see what the anthology series has in store for us this year, go stream V/H/S 85 on October 6th, via Shudder.

Pet Sematary: Bloodlines-October 6th-Paramount+

Pet Sematary: Bloodlines Poster

And finally, we have a prequel that nobody asked for. But everyone knows they are going to watch it anyway. We can thank the good people over at Paramount+ for bringing us this new addition to the already extended Pet Sematary collection.

Although review scores for this prequel have been less than stellar, with it receiving a 25% on Rotten Tomatoes, I will still watch anything with Stephen King’s (It) name attached to it. If you feel the same way, make sure to stream Pet Sematary: Bloodlines on October 6th, via Paramount+.

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Then & Now: 11 Horror Movie Locations and How They Look Today



Ever heard a director say that they wanted a filming location to be a “character in the movie?” It kind of sounds ridiculous if you think about it, but think about it, how many times do you remember a scene in a film based on where it takes place? That is of course the work of great location scouts and cinematographers.

These places are frozen time thanks to filmmakers, they never change on film. But they do in real life. We found a great article by Shelley Thompson at Joe’s Feed Entertainment that is basically a photo dump of memorable movie locations that show what they look like today.

We have listed 11 here, but if you want to check out the over 40 different side-by-sides, head over to that page for a browse.

Poltergeist (1982)

The poor Freelings, what a night! After their house is repossessed by the souls who lived there first, the family must get some rest. They decide to check into a Holiday Inn for the night and don’t care if it has free HBO because the TV is banished to the balcony anyway.

Today that hotel is called the Ontario Airport Inn located in Ontario, CA. you can even see it on Google Street View.

Hereditary (2018)

Like the above Freelings, the Grahams are battling their own demons in Ari Aster’s Hereditary. We leave the below shot to be described in Gen Z speak: IYKYK.

The Entity (1982)

Families battling the paranormal is a common theme in these last few photos, but this one is disturbing in other ways. Mother Carla Moran and her two children are terrorized by an evil spirit. Carla gets assaulted the most, in ways we can’t describe here. This film is loosely based on the true story of a family living in Southern California. The movie house is located at 523 Sheldon Street, El Segundo, California.

The Exorcist (1973)

The original mainstream possession movie still holds up today even if the location exteriors don’t. William Friedkin’s masterpiece was shot in Georgetown, DC. Some of the house’s exteriors were altered for the movie with a clever set designer, but for the most part, it is still recognizable. Even the infamous stairs are close by.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

The late horror master Wes Craven knew how to frame the perfect shot. Take for instance the Evergreen Memorial Park & Crematory and Ivy Chapel in Los Angeles where, in the movie, stars Heather Langenkamp and Ronee Blakley descend its steps. Today, the exterior remains pretty much as it did nearly 40 years ago.

Frankenstein (1931)

Terrifying for its time, the original Frankenstein remains the seminal monster movie. This scene in particular was both moving and terrifying. This controversial scene was shot at Malibu Lake in California.

Se7en (1995)

Way before Hostel was considered too gruesome and dark, there was Se7ven. With its gritty locations and over-the-top gore, the film set a standard for horror movies that came after it, especially Saw (2004). Although the film alluded to being set in New York City, this alleyway is really in Los Angeles.

Final Destination 2 (2003)

Although everyone remembers the logging truck stunt, you might also remember this scene from Final Destination 2. This building is actually the Riverview Hospital in Vancouver, British Columbia. It is such a popular location, that it was also used in the next movie on this list.

The Butterfly Effect (2004)

This underrated shocker never gets the respect it deserves. It is always tricky to make a time travel film, but Butterfly Effect manages to be just disturbing enough to ignore some of its continuity errors.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (2006)

This Leatherface origin story was a lot. But it kept tempo with the franchise reboot that came before it. Here we get a glimpse of the backcountry where the story is set, which actually is in Texas: Lund Road in Elgin, Texas, to be exact.

The Ring (2002)

We can’t seem to get away from families stalked by supernatural forces on this list. Here single mother Rachel (Naomi Watts) watches a cursed videotape and inadvertently starts a countdown clock to her death. Seven days. This location is in Dungeness Landing, Sequim, WA.

This is only a partial list of what Shelley Thompson did over at Joe’s Feed Entertainment. So head over there to see other filming locations from past to present.

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Shout! TV and Scream Factory TV Roll Out Their Horror Schedules



Shout! TV and Scream Factory TV are celebrating five years of their horror block 31 Nights of Horror. These channels can be found on Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, and Android apps and digital streaming platforms such as Amazon Freevee, Local Now, Plex, Pluto TV, Redbox, Samsung TV Plus, Sling TV, Streamium, TCL, Twitch, and XUMO.

The following schedule of horror movies will play each night through the month of October. Shout! TV plays the broadcast edited versions while Scream Factory streams them uncensored.

There are quite a few movies worth noting in this collection including the underrated Dr. Giggles, or the rarely seen Bloodsucking Bastards.

For Neil Marshall fans (The Descent, The Descent II, Hellboy (2019)) they are streaming one of his early works Dog Soldiers.

There are also some seasonal classics such as Night of the Living Dead, House on Haunted Hill, and Carnival of Souls.

Below is the full list of movies:


Programs are scheduled for 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT nightly.

  • 10/1/23               Night of the Living Dead
  • 10/1/23               Day of the Dead
  • 10/2/23               Demon Squad
  • 10/2/23               Santo and the Treasure of Dracula
  • 10/3/23               Black Sabbath
  • 10/3/23               The Evil Eye
  • 10/4/23               Willard
  • 10/4/23               Ben
  • 10/5/23               Cockneys vs. Zombies
  • 10/5/23               Zombie High
  • 10/6/23               Lisa and the Devil
  • 10/6/23               Exorcist III
  • 10/7/23               Silent Night, Deadly Night 2
  • 10/7/23               Magic
  • 10/8/23               Apollo 18
  • 10/8/23               Piranha
  • 10/9/23               Galaxy of Terror
  • 10/9/23               Forbidden World
  • 10/10/23            Last Man on Earth
  • 10/10/23            The Monster Club
  • 10/11/23            Ghosthouse
  • 10/11/23            Witchboard
  • 10/12/23            Bloodsucking Bastards
  • 10/12/23            Nosferatu the Vampyre (Herzog)
  • 10/13/23            Assault on Precinct 13
  • 10/13/23            Saturday the 14th
  • 10/14/23            Willard
  • 10/14/23            Ben
  • 10/15/23            Black Christmas
  • 10/15/23            House on Haunted Hill
  • 10/16/23            Slumber Party Massacre
  • 10/16/23            Slumber Party Massacre II
  • 10/17/23            Horror Hospital
  • 10/17/23            Dr. Giggles
  • 10/18/23            Phantom of the Opera
  • 10/18/23            Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • 10/19/23            Stepfather
  • 10/19/23            Stepfather II
  • 10/20/23            Witchery
  • 10/20/23            Hell Night
  • 10/21/23            Carnival of Souls
  • 10/21/23            Nightbreed
  • 10/22/23            Dog Soldiers
  • 10/22/23            The Stepfather
  • 10/23/23            Sharkansas Women’s Prison Massacre
  • 10/23/23            Terror Beneath the Sea
  • 10/24/23            Creepshow III
  • 10/24/23            Body Bags
  • 10/25/23            The Wasp Woman
  • 10/25/23            Lady Frankenstein
  • 10/26/23            Road Games
  • 10/26/23            Elvira’s Haunted Hills
  • 10/27/23            Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  • 10/27/23            Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde
  • 10/28/23            Bad Moon
  • 10/28/23            Plan 9 From Outer Space
  • 10/29/23            Day of the Dead
  • 10/29/23            Night of the Demons
  • 10/30/32            A Bay of Blood
  • 10/30/23            Kill, Baby…Kill!
  • 10/31/23            Night of the Living Dead
  • 10/31/23             Night of the Demons
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