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‘Call of Duty Zombies’ Gets Full Open World Mode in ‘Zombies Outbreak’

by Trey Hilburn III

The fact that Call of Duty Warzone was an open-world battle royale ordeal, while the zombies mode was still closed off and compartmentalized was never very fair. It was a strange turn to go from that large open world and then have to go back to claustrophobic corridors. Well, it looks like we are receiving a fix for that and a tremendous upgrade to Call of Duty’s Zombies Mode as part of Season 2.

The latest Zombies Oubreak will take everything we love about traditional zombies mode and add it to a sprawling open world mode set inside across the Ural Mountains of Russia.

Everything you learned in both Die Maschine and Firebase has lead to this. Secrets of the Dark Aether have lead to a situation that is a far worse scenario than East battling West. You will now have to defend, escort, retrieve, eliminate, holdout and exfil to succeed against the hordes.

Similar to Star Wars Battlefront there will be stages to Zombies Outbreak. As you can see from the trailer it goes from fighting off zombies to rushing to certain destinations on the map to complete small objectives all while blasting the approaching undead.


This free upgrade looks like a blast and will definitely have me returning to Call of Duty and Verdansk after a long break. This looks like an all out blast. Similar Firebase and Die Maschine you are given an option to exfil or continue on to a harder part of the mission. This time around, either take an exfil rocket or head through a portal and continue the fight against larger numbers and tougher bad guys.

The open world Zombie Outbreak action is all part of the official Season 2 and will drop onto consoles and PC beginning February 25.

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