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April Fools Pranks That Went Horribly Wrong

by Anthony Pernicka

April Fool’s Day is a holiday that’s primed for some epic failures.  I mean, on a day where everyone thinks of themselves as some crafty comedic mastermind… what can go wrong?

Whilst most of us settle for simple pranks others take it too far. Most people would agree that the 10 committed pranksters in this video went a little too far on the day.  However, I did laugh at number 9, but I suppose that says more about me and my sick sense of humor.  Susan Hudson devised a plan to convince her sister that she killed her husband.

“I said Helen, I shot my husband. I’m cleaning up the mess.  Let’s go bury him in Blackwater.”

Law enforcement showed up promptly with guns drawn.  Susan Hudson continued her statement to the press, “And the next thing I knew, there was the law everywhere.  Their response was excellent.”

10 April Fools Pranks That Went Too far

I agree that most of those went too far.  I’m not sure why people insist on April Fool’s Day pranks involving the safety of the community.  I mean, are you trying to lose your job on purpose?  If so, that’s a good way to go about doing it.

I do love a great scare prank, but let’s keep it to small groups of people that won’t cause mass hysteria.  Here are a few more that are supposedly some of the “world’s scariest pranks”.  Take a look at some of the scariest and most interesting pranks, from an elevator trap door to the scariest glass bridge with a twist.

World’s Scariest Pranks

We all hope you have a great day… and remember to take everything with a healthy dose of skepticism.