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Angus Scrimm: Gone but not Forgotten

by Landon Evanson

Revere: to regard with respect tinged with awe; venerate.

The word icon is tossed about in horror, I wouldn’t say freely, but perhaps more than is justified. The genre certainly has its fair share of icons, and it’s beyond dispute that we have many heroes and anti-heroes for whom we admire, celebrate and even worship. Stop to ask yourself, however, how many are revered?

A strong word to be sure, but if we’re honest with ourselves, that honor only truly falls to a handful of performers throughout history, and undoubtedly Angus Scrimm was among those ranks.

Born from the mind of Don Coscarelli, The Phantasm franchise’s Tall Man is, was and shall forever remain the central figure of a fever dream from which we never want to wake. A character concept filled with endless potential, and gloriously realized by a then 52-year old native of Kansas named Angus Scrimm.

It was a role, portrayal and man universally loved, respected and revered.

Mr. Scrimm would have been 91 years old today, so join us in celebrating his life and enduring legacy with this utterly gorgeous tribute from YouTube’s Baruch Belmont.

And we implore you to share your favorite scenes, lines and personal memories of the late, great Angus Scrimm in the comments below.

Feature image credit: Pinterest.