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American Horror Stories Trailer is like “Amityville Horror on Crystal Meth”

by Trey Hilburn III

After a ton of teasers and casting announcements we finally have an actual full length trailer for American Horror Stories. The biggest surprise we are taking away is that we are getting a Christmas Horror Story with Danny Trejo as Santa Clause.

AHS has offered up some spookiness to tease its upcoming AHS spin-off series. Yesterday, we shared the news that the spin-off will begin with a stand-alone, 1-hour episode that takes us back to Murder House. If you recall, Murder House was the basis of American Horror Story during its debut season.

Each season of AHS has taken place with a different backing theme. The first was Murder House the second was Asyum, the third was Freakshow, etc…

American Horror Stories will consist of seven episodes each one telling its own story within an hour time slot.

Like we said, Danny Trejo as Santa already has us extremely onboard with this.

American Horror Stories begins on July 15 on FX and Hulu with a special two episode premiere. After that, we don’t have long to wait for AHS 10th season on Aug. 25.

Are you excited about American Horror Stories? Let us know in the comment section.

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