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’13 Slays Till Xmas’ Tears Into The Christmas Spirit!

by Ryan T. Cusick

Recently released from Blood Moon Pictures is 13 Slays Till Xmas, thirteen-themed Christmas stories filled with mayhem, terror, gore, and will be sure to bring yuletide joy to all that consume this fun, twisted Christmas horror feature. On Christmas Eve, five men are invited to a dive bar by a peculiar email. Who wouldn’t want to spend Christmas Eve in a dive bar, right? To pass the time, the men (including the female bartender) conjure the old tradition of telling scary stories on Christmas Eve.

13 Slays Till Xmas a film that will satisfy your bloodthirst and become a new traditional holiday watch for many. I have always enjoyed horror anthologies, yet  I found myself apprehensive going into this film, pondering how these filmmakers would squeeze 13 stories into a feature film and include a wrap-around? Well, they pulled it off. While some stories are much better than others, the team worked diligently and went full throttle, bringing to life this anthology holiday film for horror fans. Each creator offers their filmmaking style seamlessly flowing with the other puzzle pieces of the film, this could have easily been a horrible disaster, but it was far from it. I found myself wanting more with some of the stories, some have the potential in becoming full-length films. One story in particular that creeped me out was A Christmas To Dismember. I enjoyed the fact that this story takes you in one direction and then quickly jerks you differently with a twist at the end. Actress Sonya Delormier gave a phenomenal performance; you can see the sheer terror running across her face in the photo below.  

Sonya Delormier – ‘A Christmas To Dismember’

The talent behind the creation of this wicked film is writer/producer P.J. Starks, the creator of Volumes of Blood, and producer Eric Huskisson (The Confession of Fred Krueger, VOB: Horror Stories) along with directors Brittany Blanton (Seasons Greetings 2), Sean Blevins (Trick or Treat), Jed Brian (Unlisted Owner), William Capps (After the Slasher), Alex Clark, John Hale (The Conduit), Blair Hoyle (Five Wild Animals), Robert Kern III, Carlos Omar De Leon (For We Are Many), Drew Marvick (Pool Party Massacre), John Mason (Sleep Tight), Eric Huskisson, P.J. Starks (Volumes of Blood), Julie Streble and Shawn Burkett (Stranded) bring audiences an unforgettable night of pure fear!

Undoubtedly, the fall season and Halloween are my favorite time of the year, along with many other horror fans alike, which will never change. However, Christmas horror films do fit snug in a special place in my heart. A recommend for those viewers that dig anthology Christmas Horror!

Be on the lookout for a bunch of Easter Eggs, many references to our beloved horror films!

13 Slays Till X-Mas is now available by clicking here.