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10 Other Creepypastas That Deserve TV Adaptations

by Mike Joyce

SyFy’s first season of Channel Zero finished up this week, wrapping up the Candle Cove story in amazing fashion. Not only that, the network also provided a trailer for Season 2, which will tell the story of No-End House.

In case you’re not familiar with creepypasta, it’s a term that’s used to describe scary stories that originated on the internet and have been shared on various forums, like urban legends for the digital age.

Seeing how well Candle Cove was adapted for TV got me thinking: What other creepypastas deserve the small-screen treatment?

Many of these stories originated on NoSleep, a great forum for creepypastas and new horror stories that are presented as “true,” which just adds to the fun. I’ve included links in case you haven’t read them yet. Some of these have been kicking around since they dawn of the internet, so it’s hard to find their original sources. Thankfully the Creepypasta Wiki has done a good job cataloging them.


Polybius is the story of an arcade game that caused hallucinations, depression and all manner of awful side effects to players. Like Candle Cove, it’s a very short story that draws upon nostalgia — in this case, old arcade games. It could be really fun if someone were to elaborate on the background and mythology of this mysterious game. Drew Daywalt made a short film adaptation that’s worth watching.


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Search and Rescue

A Search and Rescue worker for the US Forest Services shares some of the more unsettling stories from his time working in a large forest. Many of these stories are mysteries, so a series that ties them together could be really fun. In the meantime, if you see a staircase in the middle of the woods, stay away.

Search and Rescue creepypasta

Have You Seen This Man?

A psychiatrist discovered that the same man has been appearing in people’s dreams all over the world. The patients don’t know each other, but they all claim they’ve been seeing the same man in their dreams for years. Who, or what is he?

Anansi’s Goatman Story

A group of friends hike to a cabin in the woods to hang out. One of them is not who they think he or she is. This creepy tale about the legendary Goatman has shades of John Carpenter’s “The Thing” and could be a really fun whodunnit.