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The Menzingers

Jason Voorhees Plays Nice in Hilarious New Music Video

As much as I love the guy, I can't deny that Jason Voorhees is a total dick. Sure, he just wants to avenge his drowning-by-negligence, and his mother's brutal decapitation, and I suppose his bad attitude is totally justified, but that's no reason to go around killing anyone and everyone who's out to drink beer, smoke pot, make sweet love and have a good time. You've been doing it for a few decades now, big guy, and I … Continue Reading


Indie Movie Review: The Bridgewater Triangle

Every town has its urban legends. Bigfoot. The Loch Ness Monster. Mothman. The Jersey Devil. Chupacabra... The list goes on. Living in southeastern Massachusetts, our myth goes beyond a single being or species. Instead, we have an entire 200-square-mile region with a storied past of strange sightings, known as The Bridgewater Triangle. There have been numerous books written about the area, but directors Aaron Cadieux … Continue Reading

Phantasm Exhumed

‘Phantasm Exhumed: The Unauthorized Companion’ is Now Available!

I know all of us spend a lot of time complaining about the current landscape of the genre, but you must admit that it's a pretty damn good time to be a horror fan - at least as far as the classics are concerned. Fan-made documentaries and books have been coming at us hot and heavy over the course of the last few years, giving us unprecedented access to the behind the scenes goings on of some of our favorite films and … Continue Reading


Upcoming Found Footage Flick ‘Delivery’ Looks Just Like ‘Devil’s Due’; Was Made Before It

Earlier this week, The Collective announced the acquisition of Brian Netto's Delivery: The Beast Within, which they've set for a VOD and limited theatrical roll-out at the tail end of next month. Along with the news, they released the trailer for the found footage film, which looks just a tad bit familiar... Delivery tells the story of a young couple who document their pregnancy, only to discover that their unborn … Continue Reading


This Haunted Automobile Has Killed At Least a Dozen People

If you asked me to name the Stephen King story that's least likely to be based on true events, the first one to come to mind would probably be Christine, the novel-turned-horror film about an evil red car with a mind of its own. And indeed it wasn't based on true events, but rather inspired by a totally unrelated experience in King's life. Story goes that King was pulling into his driveway one night when he saw the … Continue Reading


Severin to Release Video Nasties: The Definitive Guide in US

Nothing stirs up controversy in the media like a gore soaked splatter flick, insinuating that the filmmakers are evil and the film itself will inspire madness and violence. So much in fact, that the United Kingdom went out of their way in the early 80's to not only heavily edit horror movies, but to outright ban them from ever being released in their country altogether. Sure, here in the states our beloved genre was … Continue Reading

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