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Is This the Scariest Ghost Photo of 2014?

by admin

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, you must admit that it’s fun to look at pictures that maybe, just maybe, capture those elusive paranormal spirits. It’s of course impossible to ever tell if what you’re looking at is an actual ghost or some sort of simple abnormality, but here on iHorror we like to share the photos and leave those decisions up to you.

As we begin a new year, we wanted to take a look back on last year’s most downright bone-chilling ghost photo, here on the site today. How are we able to deem this the scariest ghost photo of 2014? Well, it’s the scariest one we’ve seen, and so we feel comfortable awarding it that dubious honor!

The photo came our way courtesy of The Mirror, back in October, and it shows what appears to be an elderly Victorian-era figure standing directly behind two young girls – making this the creepiest ‘photo bomb’ in the history of selfies.


The photo was taken at the Slug and Lettuce bar in Newcastle, England, friends Victoria Greeves and Kayley Atkinson only noticing the strange figure after the selfie was snapped. It was on a Sunday evening, when the bar was virtually empty, and they swear that nobody was standing behind them at the time.

I uploaded the picture to Snapchat and thought nothing more of it but later that night Kayley rang me in a panic and told me to have a closer look,” said Greeves. “She said there was a figure in the background, and I am quite skeptical about things like that so I just laughed at the time. But when I looked back at the picture I could not believe what I was seeing. It is terrifying.”

Greeves says she was so scared by the photograph that she immediately deleted it from her phone. Though the friends were regulars at the bar, they’ve noted that they likely won’t be going back, as they’re pretty certain the selfie is proof positive that the pub has a permanent resident.

A staff-member of the Slug and Lettuce says that no employees of the bar have ever reported anything out of the ordinary, though it’s worth noting that Newcastle’s city centre is known to be a hot-bed of paranormal activity.

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