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Anthony Pernicka

I founded iHorror.com to be a place where people could share their love of the Horror genre.  I wanted to create a site where writers had full control and freedom to express their passion for everything Horror.  Equally important, I wanted readers to feel the unique voice of our writers – not only to get the latest Horror news – but to follow writers that they’ve grown to respect and trust.

I’m the one your talking to on Twitter. If you’re not following us yet, our twitter name is: @iHorrorNews

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John Squires

If you don’t get enough of me here on iHorror, you can also find me on Halloween Love, Dread Central, Shock Till You Drop and Freddy In Space – which used to be a blog, and is now a Facebook page. I think that about covers it. Oh, and I have a beard. And two cats.

Follow him on twitter: @FreddyInSpace

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Chris Crum

Chris Crum is a lifelong horror enthusiast, who probably disturbed his elementary school teachers with his excessively violent short stories. He grew up to write for the Internet. Follow him on Twitter or Pinterest.

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Glenn Douglas Packard

My blog will be the voice of a true horror film fan. I know we are a passionate bunch, so there will be those who will agree with what I have to say, as there will be those who will disagree. There are all types of horror fans with a new generation emerging every ten years. I’m here to remind the horror aficionados of lost gems and perhaps introduce a film to a new horror fan!

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 Andrew Peters

I spend my days shooting videos or talking films on Goon Reviews, illustrating freelance or writing reviews for The Lost Highway.

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Michael Carpenter

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Patti Pauley

Born and raised in the city of sin Las Vegas. Horror is not a hobby. It is a lifestyle for me and has been all my life. 80s slasher films and old Universal are my achilles heel. As well as horror art and literature. Tattoos are my other life and a passion I share with my other half, Brad, owner of Last Chance Tattoo. We have 2 children Chloe and Zack who show just as much enthusiasm for the horror genre as their quirky mom.

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 Trey Hilburn III

Born in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre state, I grew up with a respect and fear of back roads and BBQ stands. My mom owned a small video store in my hometown, and I pretty much grew up between the rows of the horror section. I’m excited to be part of iHorror, and much like Hellraiser’s Pinhead “We have such sights to show you.”

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 Daniel Hegarty

Daniel is a horror movie addict. He lives and breathes the horror life and loves to watch horror movies with an analytic eye. Naturally Daniel feels right at home within the ihorror.com team where he can share his love for the genre with peers of equal enthusiasm.

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