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You Can Now Watch the Lost ‘Godzilla’ Season Two Episodes on YouTube

What a Time to Be Fan Online

by Trey Hilburn III

Godzilla fans rejoice. It now appears that Toho and Hanna Barbera’s short-lived Godzilla animated series is making a comeback. In fact these season two episodes are a bit of a lost wonder of the Godzilla world. So, all the more reason to watch.

The bonkers series premiered in 1978 and continued to 1979. As you would expect the series featured Godzilla battling other kaiju. Now, what you might not expect is that Godzilla hung out with a baby ‘Zilla named Godzooky. As is tradition.

It was a strange stretch, but it somehow did fit perfectly with Hanna-Barbera’s style. Plus, lil Godzooky was pretty dang cute, not gonna lie. But, for a series where most folks were tuning into watch awesome kaiju fights… Godzooky felt a little off a times.

Godzilla’s animated series synopsis went like this:

The series follows the adventures of a team of scientists on the Calico, a hydrofoil research vessel, headed by Captain Carl Majors. The rest of the crew include scientist Dr. Quinn Darien, her nephew Pete Darien and her research assistant Brock Borden.

Well, you can now watch the lost episodes of Godzilla season two on YouTube. All ya gotta do is head right here. It’s a strange journey to go down but it is by no means a letdown. Enjoy!