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You Can Now Turn Your Ashes Into…Bath Bombs?

by Timothy Rawles
Urns for Ashes UK

A new concept from a UK urn company is getting some attention on social media. Urns for Ashes has invented a new way to honor recently passed loved ones by creating a biodegradable urn that can be used for burials at sea.

The company in no way is making fun of people’s losses, rather they want to create a medium that not only honors loved ones, but is also safe for the environment.  However, that medium greatly resembles a giant bath bomb, and that has people talking.


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@funeraldirector07 showcased the ‘eco sphere salt urn’ on Tik Tok recently. It’s made from all-natural materials which dissolve in less than five minutes.

According to The Mirror, UK burials at sea require no permit as long as the cremains don’t contain foreign objects such as metal or plastic. That makes this innovative idea not only safe for the environment but fodder for social media subscribers who make light of a somber occasion.

Urns for Ashes UK

Urns for Ashes UK

“I’ve searched for a way to be extra even in death and I think I’ve found the answer here, quick question though, can I add custom glitter?” asked one cheeky Tik Tok user.

Said another: “What in the bath and body works is this?”

Even though the idea has struck a humorous cord, some users wished the urn had been around for their loved ones. They are also re-thinking the way they want to be buried.

“I wish this was around when we spread our grandparents into the ocean,” said one commenter. “They would have loved to be a bath bomb. I’ll have to get one for me.”

There are many shapes and colors available to people including a lotus flower-inspired arrangement and a seashell design. Some users are even asking about smaller versions that can actually be given as gifts. No word if the company will accommodate that idea.

As for the cost, the large spherical urn in the Tik Tok video sells for $245 according to the company.

So readers, what do you think? Is this too disrespectful, or a great way to send our loved ones off to the great bed bath and beyond?

Urns for Ashes UK

Urns for Ashes UK

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