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The New Mutants Trailer is Scary Good

by Jonathan Correia

The trailer for Josh Boone’s X-Men: the New Mutants is here to scare you this Friday the 13th! Superpowers and horror have been going hand in hand for centuries with modern examples including FirestarterMorganCarrie, and Friday the 13th Pt. VII (which was basically Jason VS. Carrie). Now we are finally getting a horror film set in the popular X-Men Universe!

First things first, the trailer is dope. It doesn’t show much but defiantly drives home the fact that this is a horror film. Marked with moments that throw back to Nightmare On Elm Street, the trailer is heavy on the jump scares. My main issue is the use of a slowed down classic song. How many times do we need to see this used in modern trailers? Seriously. Cut it out. That being said, the use of Pink Floyd’s Another Brink In the Wall is pretty good use of contrast as we are use to seeing young mutants in Xavier’s School for Gift Youngsters not this nightmare filled underground facility.

With an entire universe of people able to transform into beasts, fire-starters, and beings with uncontrollable powers it only seems right that the series has lead to horror. Especially since they used a lot of horror film techniques in the previous films. The Weapon X program, famous for creating/experimenting on mutants such as fan favorite Wolverine, comes to mind when thinking of the more terrifying aspects of the X-Men mythos.

As a horror fanatic and comic book enthusiast I for one am excited to see Fox take their world of mutants into varying genres and stories, especially into the realm of horror. What are your thoughts on the trailer? Sound off below!

Five young mutants, just discovering their abilities while held in a secret facility against their will, fight to escape their past sins and save themselves.

X-men: The New Mutants arrives in theaters April 13th.