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‘Wrong Turn’ Reboot Happening

by Timothy Rawles

The cannibal hillbilly franchise Wrong Turn is getting a reboot reports Dread Central.

Filming has already begun on the project which stars Mathew Modine.

Actor Damian Maffei co-stars with Modine as Morgan aka “Deer Skull.” He says he’s been a lifelong horror fan and is tremendously excited to be a part of the production which is currently filming in Ohio.

“I’m out here with a truly outstanding, ace crew, a legitimately incredible cast, some of whom I’ve been a fan of for years, under the helm of the brilliant, tireless [director] Mike Nelson with a fantastic screenplay [by Alan McElroy] you won’t see coming,” he told Dread Central. “I am very excited for this sucker to make its way out into the world. Seriously, make room for this one!”

The original movie was released in 2003 and has spawned five sequels.

In 2006 the franchise stirred up controversy when copies of Last Resort (Wrong Turn: Six) were pulled from shelves because filmmakers used a real-life missing person flyer in one of the shots.

It looks like from the IMDb synopsis of this latest project that the formula will continue with hapless victims being picked off one-by-one in the forest.

The series is known for its body horror practical effects that harken back to the days of Friday the 13th and mimicked in a multitude of slashers from the ’80s.


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