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The Wildly Gruesome “Night of Something Strange”

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Written by Brian Linsky

Night of Something Strange is vile, repulsive, and by far, one of the most entertaining horror films I’ve watched in recent memory.

Directed by Jonathan Straiton, this film goes from strange to outright bizarre in a hurry, and accomplishes what many sexual education classes have strived for, striking the fear of getting a sexually transmitted disease into the minds of teenage lovers everywhere.

The story begins with Cornelius, (Wayne W. Johnson) a depraved morgue worker with an unhealthy attraction for his work, who picks up an STD after banging a corpse.

Might of Something Strange

Cornelius unleashes a deadly strain of STD in Night of Something Strange

As if getting an STD isn’t bad enough, this is certainly not your average variation. Its victims are transformed into vulgar and grotesque nymphomaniac zombies, with a thirst for blood, and an appetite for rough sex. Once the disease starts wildly running rampant through anyone it comes in contact with, nobody in its path is safe.

When five unsuspecting teenage friends on Spring Break plan a trip to the beach, they make a stop for the night at the Redwood Motel.  After negotiating their rooms, their plans are suddenly cut short when they learn one of their own has contracted the deadly virus.

Night of Something Strange

Carrie (Toni Ann Gambale) becomes infected with the virus in Night of Something Strange

The teens may not have known what they were in for when they first checked in, but it doesn’t take long for them to realize that there’s more to this motel that meets the eye.

Night of Something Strange provides the raw campy feel of a traditional B-horror flick, but with a gruesome splash of raunchiness integrated in that you might not normally expect.

Night of Something Strange

Kirk LaSalle plays the mailman in Night of Something Strange

One of the more memorable roles in the film is Dirk, (Trey Harrison) who wasn’t one of the original five teens, but who also happened to be at the motel with his girlfriend, Pam. When Dirk gets frustrated with Pam being unfaithful, he wanders off and strikes up a friendship with Christine, (Rebecca C. Kasek) one of the other remaining teenagers. Dirk’s sarcasm and humor add value to the gore-fest.

Night of Something Strange

Dirk (Trey Harrison)

Another character who you’ll be sure to remember is Freddy, (Michael Merchant) who is easily the horniest of the teens, and who finds himself stuck in a very sticky situation he’ll be regretting for the rest of his life.

When the teenagers eventually learn that the zombies and STDs aren’t the only thing they need to worry about, they must find a way to survive any way they can.

Night of Something Strange

Night of Something Strange

Night of Something Strange is much more than just another zombie movie. Clearly the intent of the film was to disturb the viewers with behavior that will turn your stomach, and scenes that will make you want to turn your head.

There’s creepy desk clerks, violently revolting images, and crude humor riddled throughout the film, but it’s well balanced between likeable teen characters and a suspenseful storyline which makes for an enjoyable watch.

Night of Something Strange

Pam falls victim to the virus while at the Redwood Motel

How will the teens escape from the sexually deviant zombies when their inner circle has already been compromised? How do they know who they can trust when all the characters they encounter are beyond strange? Will any of them make it out of there alive?

Night of Something Strange is bloody, offensive, and certainly not for everyone, but if you’re a fan of grindhouse horror and you’re not squeamish, then this one’s a must see. Night of Something Strange may not give you nightmares, but there’s a good chance it will haunt your sex life for a while.

Night of Something Strange

Night of Something Strange

You can watch Night of Something Strange currently streaming on demand, or visit the film’s official website to pre-order your blu-ray today from Hurricane Bridge Entertainment.