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Why Arnold Schwarzenegger Refused To Appear In ‘The Predator’

by David N. Grove

Whatever happened to Major Alan ‘Dutch’ Schaefer, the character played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1987 film Predator? Following the events of Predator, what would Dutch have said when he was debriefed about his encounter with the extraterrestrial hunter that Dutch ultimately defeated and killed?

Ever since Shane Black was announced as the director of The Predator, speculation grew about Schwarzenegger’s potential involvement in the film, which now features an ensemble cast and is set in the present day.  Did Black approach Schwarzenegger about taking a role in the film, and how big of a role would that have been?

Black confirms that this conversation did take place.  “Where is Arnold?” asks Black.  “It’s not a silly question, and I can understand why fans of the original film have been wondering about this, ever since The Predator was first announced.  We toyed with the idea of bringing Arnold back, and I spoke to Arnold about this.” 

Contrary to media reports that stated Schwarzenegger didn’t like the script for The Predator, Black says that his discussions with Schwarzenegger broke down entirely over the size of Schwarzenegger’s role in the upcoming film.  “As Arnold and I talked about the film and a potential role for him, it became apparent that any role he would have had in this film would have been a cameo appearance,” says Black.  “That wasn’t something that Arnold was interested in.  He didn’t want to do a cameo in the film.  That’s why he turned it down.” 

Black says that he would have enjoyed getting the chance to work with Schwarzenegger and insists that there are no hard feelings between himself and Schwarzenegger.  “Before our talk ended, we wished each other good luck, and that was it,” says Black.  “With that, I realized that I’d missed another opportunity to work with Arnold Schwarzenegger.”