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Weta Workshop ‘Alien’ Figures Are Astonishing Must-Haves

by Trey Hilburn III

There are a ton of Alien collectibles that I have assembled over the years but, most of them end up in my collectibles storage. I have to say that Weta Workshop’s latest Alien collectibles are astonishing enough to warrant a year round display. Much like their other sculpts of theirs, this one takes artistic liberties and transforms a character we know well from the world of pop culture and makes it their own.

New Zealand based, Weta Workshop started their amazing creations in 1987 and was founded by the legendary Jorgelina Yeme and Mauro Santini. Lucky for us, the folks over at Weta are similarly nerds and best of all, they are super into horror and sci-fi typer nerds.

Weta’s Alien collection contains fantastic pieces of art each displaying Yeme and Santini’s unique take on the characters. Both taking a moment from the film and freezing it in an amazing moment forever. We see, Ellen Ripley wielding her flame thrower in one hand and Jonesy cat in the other. It’s such a strong piece and captures Ripley’s badassery distinctly.

Not to be outdone the fantastic work done on Kane’s Weta Alien figure is fantastic. It takes the very moment that the Nostromo’s fate was decided in one frame. Of course, I’m talking about the moment that Kane was met with a Xenomorph facehugger. The piece is perfectly done revealing a just enough of the panic on Kane’s face to cause lingering anxiety. It perfectly captures the moment the facehugger is cracking though his helmet’s glass visor. A terrifing moment, beautifully captured.

These figures are done in a way that only Weta Workshop could do. They are proudly represented on my shelves and it’s going to take a lot to pull these beauties from their spots. We are really excited about future editions of Weta’s take on the Warrior Xenomorph and beyond. If their Kane and Ripley look this amazing I can’t imagine how fantastic the Xeno’s will look in person.

To get your very own Weta Workshop Alien collectibles head over to to Weta’s Alien page right here.

Which is your favorite of the bunch? Let us know in the comments section.

Xeno Kane Alien Alien Alien Jonesy Facehugger

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