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WATCH: Netflix’s ‘Things Heard & Seen’ Trailer Will Haunt You

by Waylon Jordan
Things Heard & Seen

Netflix’s Things Heard & Seen is set to debut at the end of this month, and if the new trailer is any indication, we’re in for a hauntingly good time!

Amanda Seyfried (You Should Have Left) and James Norton (Little Women) star as Catherine and George Clare, a handsome young couple who move their family to an idyllic town in the Hudson Valley. As they settle into their new lives, Catherine begins to suspect that there is a previously unknown darkness to their marriage that might even rival their new home’s history.

Seyfried and Norton are joined by a stellar cast including Karen Allen  (Raiders of the Lost Ark), F. Murray Abraham (Homeland), Rhea Seehorn (Better Call Saul), and Natalie Dyer (Stranger Things).

Things Heard & Seen is co-written and co-directed by Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini, and is based on the All Things Cease to Appear, a novel by Elizabeth Brundage.

“I find it more of a literary ghost story, in the tradition of Turn of the Screw and things like that. And there’s a gothic kind of quality to it, with the heroine kind of searching for her freedoms and with the supernatural element. I mean, the real horror of the story is the marriage,” Pulcini said in a statement quoted by Entertainment Weekly.

The trailer certainly has that classic ghost story feel to it. Things Heard & Seen is set for release on April 29, 2021 on Netflix. Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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