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WATCH: Joshua Jackson is Unsettling in New ‘Dr. Death’ Trailer

by Waylon Jordan
Dr. Death

Dr. Death, a new series based on the true crime podcast of the same name, is set to debut on July on the Peacock streaming platform, and the latest trailer gives us a peek inside an evil surgeon’s killing field.

Joshua Jackson portrays Dr. Christopher Duntsch in the series, a real-life neurosurgeon who skated by  in medical school and still managed to become a neurosurgeon where he injured 33 our of the 38 patients he operated on, permanently maiming some and causing the death of two patients.

The new trailer gives us more than one glimpse of Duntsch in the operating room as fellow doctors Randall Kirby (Christian Slater) and Robert Henderson (Alec Baldwin) discuss their misgivings about the man and how they intend to stop him from harming more patients. The series of course seeks to answer why and how these events took place.

The Duntsch case is one that captured national headlines with the surgeon’s defense team, rather than arguing his innocence, attempting to call into question an entire system that would allow the doctor to operate for as long as he did before being stopped. Despite their arguments, the man is serving out a prison sentence in Huntsville, TX that will see him locked away until he is 75 years old in 2045.

Entertainment Weekly quoted Jackson about the character saying, “He’s just a phenomenally awful, fascinating human being, Dr. Duntsch, which I thought was perfect for me. I was sold right from the jump because he’s such an outlandish character, and trying to find a way to see him as a human being and portray him as a human being as opposed to just a purely evil nefarious doctor, I thought was so interesting.”

Check out that trailer, and look for all eight episodes of Dr. Death on Peacock on July 15, 2021!