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VFX Team Turns Original ‘Willy Wonka’ Movie Into R-Rated Trap Slasher

by Timothy Rawles
Corridor Crew

Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka character has always been, in my opinion, a psychopath, so it makes sense that someone would eventually catch on and create a fan altered cut of the original film Willy Wonky & the Chocolate Factory to expose the candy-madman for who he truly is: A serial torturer who, like Jigsaw, sets horrifying traps in order to teach moral lessons.

Although those who have seen the original know that the kids don’t actually die, that’s what makes Wonka such a menace. He lures curious kids into his factory with sweets then watches in glee as they get caught in his candy-making gimmicks. As the parents watch in terror and the Oopma Loompas clean up the crime scenes, Wonka plays a tune on his flute and moves them into the next room.

The team that finally put the horror angle together are VFX wizards Niko, Clint and Nick of the Corridor Crew who just posted their finished product on YouTube.

This over 21-minute long video starts off as a discussion between the men on how they came up with the concept and which ways the kills should play out.

In a bit of genius, they even have a prelude in which Charlie shanks a man in an alley Hitchcock-style in order to get his remaining golden ticket.

Once inside the candy keep, the kids are sliced, vacuum pressured, Brindlefried, and even shredded into human blueberry taffy as Wonka watches with morbid curiosity.

Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory

The original Willy Wonky & the Chocolate Factory was released in 1971 starring Gene Wilder and directed by Mel Stuart. The movie has a G-rating even though there are some disturbing scenes containing violence against kids even without the modern VFX enhancements.

The Corridor Crew begins the video with their animation blueprint discussions before showing you their final work starting at 12:39.

So get out your Everlasting Gobstoppers, unwrap a Wonka Bar and watch as Charlie,  Mike, Augustus, Violet, and Veruca meet a bloody demise in this gory adaptation to the Oscar-winning musical.

Here’s the full video:

Edit: we originally called the VFX team Collider Crew, but it is in fact called the Corridor Crew. That has been changed.