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‘Train to Busan’ Extended Cut Scheduled For July 1

by Timothy Rawles
"Train to Busan"

If you are wondering how Train to Busan will figure into its stand-alone follow-up Peninsula coming this July, look no further as the original is heading to theaters with added footage.

This extended cut according to Bloody Disgusting will contain “extended footage that’s said to offer clues and secrets tied directly to Peninsula, which Well Go USA will be releasing here in the states.”

The South Korean produced  Busan has taken its place among the greatest horror movies ever made. The symbiosis of gory effects, an action-packed storyline, and a heartstring-pulling denouement have made it the gold label of zombie movies, right up there with Dawn of the Dead. 

James Wan was all set to make an American adaptation of the film when New Line acquired the rights in 2016. Those plans seem to have fallen by the wayside as nothing has ever been started.

The lengthened Train to Busan will get a July 1 release in theaters and a 4DX cinema experience on the same day.

It’s not clear if that will extend to American cinemas yet.

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