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Trailer for Zak Bagans’ Documentary ‘Demon House’ Released

by Timothy Rawles

Zak Bagans’ new documentary Demon House brings the paranormal investigator back to his media roots.

Long before his reality show Ghost Adventures was a pop culture phenomenon, Zak filmed a documentary of the same name in 2004. In that film his crew captured some pretty amazing evidence of incorporeal activities.

Four years later Zak would become his own brand and enjoy success not only with his Travel Channel series but eventually as a collector of the macabre.

This curiosity of the haunted led him to Gary Indiana and small house that had a reputation for being possessed by evil children and other bad things. Zak bought the house for $35,000, he wanted to see for himself if it was in fact the “portal to hell” as locals had claimed.

The official synopsis explains:

“As mass hysteria breaks-out over an alleged demonic possession in an Indiana home, referred to as a ‘Portal to Hell,’ Ghost Adventures host and paranormal investigator Zak Bagans buys the house, sight unseen, over the phone. He and his crew then become the next victims of the most documented case of demonic possession in US history…the ‘house of 200 demons.’”

Zak had the house completely demolished just over a year ago.

This documentary project is just one of the things that put Zak in the headlines. The investigator also opened his “Haunted Museum” in Las Vegas which contains famously cursed objects on display.

In March 2017, he filmed himself touching the infamous Annabelle doll for his TV show after the doll’s owner said doing so would put Zak in danger.

Bagans directs and stars in “Demon House” with Jay Wasley, Billy Tolle.

It will be in theaters, VOD and digital HD on March 16, 2018.