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Trailer for ‘Lake Michigan Monster’ is Absurd – and Perfect

by Curt Fiers
Lake Michigan Monster

Although the farcical film Lake Michigan Monster has been floating around on the festival circuit for nearly two years, it’s only now that we’re getting a wide release along with a trailer. Before you write this off as another ridiculous monster movie, just know that the film snagged the Audience Award for Best International Feature at last year’s Fantasia International Film Festival.

So yeah… it’s a pretty big deal.

Lake Michigan Monster Trailer

We’ll get to the official synopsis in just one minute, but first, let’s take a look at a single review. Film Threat described the movie as “If Spongebob creator Stephen Hillenberg took all the drugs and decided to create a Halloween episode.” If this doesn’t sound like a great twist on classic horror, what possibly could?

Take a watch and you’ll likely agree.

As you might have guessed, this is sort of an homage to the monster movies of our past. While the trailer might seem ridiculous, the film has managed to snag a 7.4 rating on IMDb. And let’s be honest, that’s insanely good for a horror movie.

Here’s the official synopsis:

“On the shores of Lake Michigan, the eccentric Captain Seafield enlists a colourful crew of misfits in a bid to slay the hellish sea monster that prowls the murky depths. But as Seafield’s obsession with exacting revenge on the creature that killed his father threatens to consume him, can weapons expert Sean Shaughnessy, sonar whiz Nedge Pepsi and former N.A.V.Y. (Nautical Athletes and Venture Yunit) officer Dick Flynn hold the show together?”

You can get your tickets now by clicking here. Arrow Video will be hosting a 24-hour virtual premiere that comes equipped with an introduction from the filmmaker and a Q&A session featuring members from the cast and crew.

Don’t miss out on this little classic in the making. If you’re not around for the virtual premiere, you can also catch Lake Michigan Monster on digital HD and the Arrow Video Channel starting August 3rd.

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