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Review: ‘The Wraith’ Hits Home Video with Turbo Charged Vestron Video Blu-Ray

by Jacob Davison

A brand new release from Lionsgate’s Vestron Video Collector’s Series is burning rubber and arriving on blu-ray and digital! The cult 1986 racing revenge action horror movie The Wraith is coming back from beyond to find a new audience in our post Fast And The Furious society and this new home video release is packed with all sorts of features.

Image via Lionsgate

The Wraith is set in the small south western desert town of Brooks, which would be an ideal place to live… if it weren’t for the violent gang of road raiders. Led by the merciless Packard (John Cassavetes), his crew of street punks patrol the highways for victims to brutalize and cars to chop. Their last victim being the boyfriend of Keri (Sherilyn Fenn) before a mysterious armored and helmeted driver in a suped up Dodge Turbo Interceptor arrives and takes on the road punks on the asphalt… to the death. Now it’s a race against the clock as the gang gets roadkilled one by one and figuring out the mystery of The Wraith and its connection to the new guy in town, Jake (Charlie Sheen).

The Wraith is a pretty interesting and genre crossing film especially for its time. A strange combination of young adult romance, supernatural revenge,  and vehicular mayhem, it stands out even today. And being from an era before CGI, these car stunts are a hundred percent legit and entertaining enough to watch on their own across the Arizona desert. And what a cast! Aside from those mentioned before you also have a bombastic Randy Quaid as the sheriff and perennial genre mainstay Clint Howard as the Eraserhead looking brains of the road gang. The story is a little cut and dry, but it is wonderfully shot and has enough thrills to keep you engaged.

As per usual, Vestron Video has jammed this release to the brim with suped up special features. Right off the bat, you have two different sets of audio commentaries. One featuring writer/director Mike Marvin and another with actors Dave Sherrill and Jamie Bozian. There’s a nice spread of individual interviews including a one-on-one with Mike Mrvin recounting the making of the movie, the tragedy that occurred on set when someone died during a stunt, and his resurgence and the cult status of The Wraith. An interview with Clint Howard regarding his role and interviews with stunt coordinator Buddy Joe Hooker, transportation coordinator Gary Hellerstein, and VFX producerPeter Kuran and VFX animator Kevin Kutchaver.

Image via Lionsgate

Interviews aside, there’s a great half hour featurette visting the shooting locations for The Wraith then and now in Phoenix, Arizona, an isolated scores featurette, an alternative title sequence, stills gallery, and trailers/TV spots. Like I said, this car is packed with all the features. So, if you’re in the mood for some spectral vehicular violence, maybe give The Wraith a ride.


The Wraith is available now on blu-ray and digital.

Image via Lionsgate