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‘The Show’ is ‘Watchmen’ Creator Alan Moore’s Latest Mind Bender

by Trey Hilburn III

The Watchmen is one of the finest graphic novels ever written. They are a complete masterpiece. The follow up books that lead to HBO’s The Watchmen series were masterful in their won right in a way that almost over took the original content. Now, genius of our time, Alan Moore has a new film on the way called, The Show. One look at this teaser and you will be on board with the intensely bizarre neon lit world that awaits.

The synopsis for The Show goes like this:

Fletcher Dennis (Burke), a man of many talents, passports and identities, arrives in Northampton – a strange and haunted town in the heart of England as dangerous as he is. On a mission to locate a stolen artifact for his menacing client, Fletcher finds himself entangled in a twilight world populated with vampires, sleeping beauties, Voodoo gangsters, noir private eyes, and masked avengers. He quickly sinks into a bizarre and delirious black hole, that is hidden just beneath the surface of this seemingly quiet town. Soon enough Fletcher discovers that dreams and reality have been blurred and there might no longer be a real world to go back to…Welcome to The Show.


You had me at Moore. But, in all honesty this is a heck of a lineup for actors as well and it screams my cup of tea. I’m smitten with Tom Burke going around looking a lot like Christopher Walken’s character form the Dead Zone complete with collar-popped pea coat. Tremendous.

The Show hits select theaters beginning Aug. 26 for one night only. This is a Fathom events one night only event. Head over HERE to find your city and grab tickets.

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