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‘The Ring 3’ Gets Oscar-Winning Screenwriter

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Earlier this month, we brought you the news that a third Ring film was moving ahead at Paramount, and that a director had been found.  Today, we can report that a new writer has come aboard the tentatively titled The Ring 3, and it’s an Oscar-winning one to boot.

Akiva Goldsman won his golden statuette for his work on the screenplay for Ron Howard’s 2001 drama A Beautiful Mind, and later re-teamed with Howard on the Tom Hanks blockbuster The Da Vinci Code and its sequel Angels & Demons. Goldsman is perhaps best known to horror fans for writing the 2007 Will Smith adaptation of Richard Matheson’s classic novel I Am Legend.

Goldsman also produced the FOX sci-fi series Fringe, along with Deep Blue Sea, Constantine, and the Paranormal Activity sequels. He wrote Batman and Robin too, but we’ll try not to hold that against him.

According to Deadline, Goldsman is being brought in to write a new draft of The Ring 3, working from an existing script by writer David Loucka. The sequel will be presented in 3D, and will be alternately titled The Ring 3D when presented in the third dimension.

Samara and the infamous cursed videotape (which has hopefully been upgraded to Blu-Ray by now) are both set to return for this new installment, but one wonders whether any of the human characters will, as it’s doubtful Naomi Watts will want to come back. After all, 2005’s The Ring 2 remains mostly regarded as a creative disaster, and also failed to come close to the box office heights attained by its wildly popular predecessor.

While the trend would eventually die down, Gore Verbinski’s American rendition of The Ring remains the high water mark for the short-lived craze of trying to transplant the measured style of Asian ghost films to the west. Then Hideo Nakata gave us the world’s worst CGI deer attack ever and the terrible “I’m not your fucking mommy” line, and the rest was history. It’s kind of fitting that it took the original franchise creator to kill the U.S. series. Until now at least.

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