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‘The People Under The Stairs’ Soundtrack Comes to Limited Vinyl This Week

by Trey Hilburn III
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Sure, Wes Craven created A Nightmare on Elm Street and an eternal man of your dreams, horror icon. But, the real meat of Craven’s filmography lies with some of the stranger and off the beaten trail works. The People Under The Stairs sits next to The Serpent and the Rainbow in terms of true great cinema and storytelling. That’s why I’m absolutely in love with the fact that Mondo is releasing the Don Peake soundtrack for The People Under The Stairs this week.

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The Peake tri-colored vinyl is visually striking as heck. It’s pressed on 180 gram vinyl for that truly tremendous full sound.

Peake created an incredibly strange and atmospheric sound for the incredible journey that the record offers on its own merit. Sure, its great when paired with one of Craven’s finest films. But, to give this masterwork a listen all on its own is really special experience.

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Now, if you are new to Mondo, you have to know that these babies are limited to 900 copies. They go on-sale Wednesday (July 21) at 12 PM Central. So head over to Mondo’s shop and get ready to do some quick clicking in order to secure your copy before they are gone. Good luck!

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