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‘The Last of Us’ HBO Series Has Finished Production With Director Neil Druckmann

Based on the Already Cinematic Video Games

by Trey Hilburn III

The Last of Us games have given us some of the best there is around in terms of engrossing narrative and stunning gameplay. The upcoming HBO series based on the games will undoubtedly carry some of that same weight. One of the directors of the series, Neil Druckmann took to Twitter to share the very exciting news that his portion of work on the series has reached completion.

While the series will continue filming until after June, Druckmann’s work on the series is finished. He seems to be excited about that fact and possibly getting to a much warmer climate than where his work took him.

“Alas… my time in Canada has come to an end. To the best tv crew in the world, thank you for your incredible work, your passion, and for making me feel so welcome! I will miss you terribly!

Excited to return to Naughty Dog (and some warmer weather!)”

The Last of Us video game synopsis went like this:

years after a fungal plague wiped out much of humanity, transforming most into vicious zombie-like monsters, the story follows Joel, who’s living in a militarized quarantine zone. He has a close relationship with Tess, who operates in the black market of this community. Together, they’ve become known by the local criminal underworld for their ruthlessness. On a mission to reclaim their stolen guns, they run into the leader of the Fireflies, a resistance group, who tasks them with smuggling a young girl named Ellie out of the zone. This mission soon becomes much more than they were prepared for.

Pedro Pascal is set to play the role of Joel, while Ellie will be played by Bella Ramsey. The series was previously being directed by Chernobyl director Joel Renck.

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